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Hey everyone! I've decided to revive this blog. On one hand, what else is there to discuss here? The first two versions of this "you be friends" blog created quite a stir among readers and contributors (you can click the ubfriends 1.0 and ubfriends 2.0 links at the bottom of this page). Seven years after resigning from a highly controlling campus Bible group, I have little interest in discussing or debating the topics we've covered ad-nauseum here. There is, however, much to discuss.

The first theme I'll be sharing articles about is this...building relationships after leaving an authoritarian religious group.

In light of this theme, I want to share an event that happened this past week. My wife and I went on a couples' date with friends! This is common news for most people. To those of us who spent our adult-formative years in a religious cult, this is incredible. For the first time in our 24 year marriage, we went out to eat with another couple (who is not family) with no agenda except to make friends. The evening was immensely enjoyable and long overdue. The best part of this evening out for me is that I had zero guilt and not a shred of regret. I loved it. We will do more of it soon.

  • So how are you building relationships and forging new friendships?

I hope to hear your stories. Oh, and welcome back :)

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