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The first survey results of ubfriends 3.0 are in! What topics do readers want to hear about? We had 31 votes. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Life after UBF 33%
  2. Healing 17%
  3. Emotional health 17%
  4. Personal stories 13%
  5. Leadership 10%
  6. Marriage 7%
  7. Theology 3%

Thank you for the 31 votes. The most voted-for topic is clearly "life after UBF". And "theology" is not what readers are looking for here.

I've already shared three things in this blog that former members may need to deal with: dating/marriage relationships, wanting to see real change from UBF leadership, and getting caught up in the "wiki wars" or other blogging or writing about the group.

Much more to come... well not about theology, but about healing, emotional health, and life after an authoritarian group.

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