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One of the annoyances we former members have to deal with from time to time is the dreaded "check in". UBFers like to check in a few years after you leave--just to see how you are doing. Recently this is happening to me. It must be time for the international ubf conference, because a few ubf-related people have been checking in, not just on me, but on other former members as well. What they really want to know is this: Do you still think UBF is a cult?

Well, my answer is simple: Yes, UBF is a cult.

The pattern remains the same as in decades past. UBF leaders leave the ministry. UBF makes some changes. UBF leaders go back to the former leaders and say "Look how much we've changed! You don't still think we are a cult do you?" Well, frankly, yes. We do think you are a cult. No matter how much holy paint you put on UBFism, the cult mindset remains. People are still being damaged and scarred by this organization.

As of 2018, ubfers are still giving bad reviews of my books. ubfers are still trying to erase the Wikipedia "bitterness" sections. ubfers are still shunning those who want to leave their group. ubfers are still promising so much goodness and yet hiding their dark, abusive nature. ubfers are still carrying the cult label. And, as of 2018, UBFism exists because of those who enable it.

So yeah, go ahead with your glorious summer conference and keep getting those recommendation letters. UBFism remains just as toxic now as it was in 1961. And alas, most of the same leaders who allow and enable the abusive system are still in power.

So what do I think now? My life is so very much more happy and fulfilling now that I've left UBF behind. The dark storm clouds hover over the group, and the rains are coming soon.

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