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Resources for Help

Professional Help: Freedom of Mind Resource Center

Steven Hassan is an internationally recognized cult recovery expert. His website contains relevant and helpful information. He also provides in-person help and professional guidance. The Freedom of Mind website is aware of UBF and can help with family or friends in the group: click here for more resources

Former Member Help: Brian John Karcher

Brian was a UBF sheep but now he is a "goat". He spent 24 years at UBF and has written four books, published on Amazon, about life at UBF. Brian and his wife Mary were chapter directors until they closed down their house church. Brian has guided more than 40 UBF members out of the group since 2011. Brian is currently the sole admin of this website. Contact: click here to contact Brian

Wellspring Retreat Center

For over 25 years, Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center has provided outpatient counseling services for victims of spiritual abuse, psychological abuse, and toxic relationships in Southern Ohio. Since 1986, survivors have come from all over the globe to find respite and care through our specialized, research-based program.

We offer hope and help through a program of counseling and education. We also offer phone consultations for therapeutic professionals and families, seminars, weekend educational workshops, conference presentations, and reference materials.

Our treatment plan is a multifaceted approach. Clients receive daily counseling and educational workshops from gentle, licensed professionals who understand the manipulative dynamics behind exploitative groups and relationships.

Online Spiritual Communities

Many people who leave authoritarian churches or cultic religious groups find reclaiming their faith to be difficult. You are not alone. Pastor David Hayward has setup an online community to help with your recovery journey without re-committing to another church.

The Lasting Supper: Pastor David Hayward

Pastor David is a Christian pastor to the fringes of society. As such, his thoughts can resonate with former UBF members, who also tend to live in the margins, outside normal society. The Lasting Supper offers paid memberships and a robust online spiritual community from many backgrounds.