Refutation: “UBF is a mainline, evangelical church.”

A common promotion tactic by UBF leaders is to use the claim that UBF is a mainline, evangelical church. The reality is that UBF has zero connections to any of the 7 Protestant mainline churches. Neither does the group have any connection to the Catholic Church or any history with the Orthodox Church. UBF and its new religion are on the fringes of Christianity at best. UBF teachings live in the intersection of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity. Chang Woo (Samuel) Lee and Sarah Barry, the two co-founders, originally had ties to the Presbyterian Church. When UBF was founded in 1961 however, and then incorporated in America in 1975, the founders severed all ties to the Presbyterian church. Some of their early material, such as the UBF Daily Bread, was plagiarized from the Navigators to give the group a more Christian look and feel.

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