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A genuine apology from a REAL missionary


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Peter (Man-Suk) Chang, former chapter director of Columbus UBF chapter wrote the following apology to Jim Bouldin and several others. Chang not only took the first practical step towards repentance but he also practically went beyond that with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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Message Review – El Camino UBF (Harvest South Bay Church Gardena)

shRecently ubfriends was requested to review messages from El Camino UBF, in California USA. I must admit that I have no patience anymore for the garbage that churns out each Sunday from UBF chapter directors and shepherds. The messages are so shallow that they hardly warrant a review. Reluctantly, I took a look at the latest El Camino UBF message. What I saw intrigued me. Here are my thoughts.

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Review of a Chicago UBF Lecture

cAs we examine the Sunday lectures from various ubf chapters, we can begin to see the various layers of bondage found in UBFism. In my review of a 2016 New Jersey UBF lecture, you can see that they are stuck in the UBF behavioral layer–very concerned about upholding the UBF ministry. In my review of the 2016 new year lecture from Toledo UBF, you can see they are stuck in Bible/cultural layers. Both lectures stem from the foundational UBFism layers of focusing on your own problems and learning the UBFism ideology. Today I present my review of a recent Chicago UBF lecture. We get to see a different kind of bondage. The Chicago lecture still springs from the foundational concepts of focusing on your own problems and constraining your thoughts to the the ideology of UBFism. The difference from New Jersey and Toledo is that Chicago is stuck in the Evangelical/Bible layers of bondage. All three lectures are bound to UBFism with the intention of capturing your mind and soul to become loyal and friendly toward UBF. Here is my review. I present these in the hopes that many more may begin questioning and examining these things, and see the chains that bind, and so that many more may begin a new segment in their journey.

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A 2016 Message Review

cWell it is that time again! It is time for another Karcher message review of a ubf lecture. I decided to post this review publicly after some private discussions. We former ubf members have indeed moved on with our life. But some of us care about the people still at ubf. From time to time we wonder if they have changed anything for the better. We have moved on but has ubf moved on? Examining a ubf lecture is tedious and usually very depressing. Here is my new review based on the Karcher Message Rating and the Karcher Sermon Danger Scale.

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Missionaries Must Nurture Relationships With Extended Family

p11 Timothy 5:7-8, “Command these things as well, so that they may be without reproach. But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (ESV)

In this series we are investigating the different components of a successful missionary endeavor. In the development of a mission, there are not just missionaries. There are other missional entities, which partner in unison, to allow the body of Christ to thrive. God desires for all of them to work together. The important thing is to recognize these parts of the body and nurture working relationships with them as we live as missionaries.

I propose that the most fruitful path to embark on, as missionaries, is nurturing solid relationships with 10 missional entities (There used to be six, but I have extended them to ten.), all of which are part of the body of Christ, and finally with the Bible and Jesus himself. They must nurture relationships with…

  1. … a sending church
  2. … a mission agency
  3. … a receiving church
  4. … a missionary team
  5. … a “person of peace”
  6. … the family
  7. … the extended family
  8. … the secular community
  9. ….the Word of God
  10. …Jesus Christ, the living God.

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