What does UBF look like?

At first, UBF looks wonderful. The group teaches new recruits about the UBF Spiritual Heritage.




After becoming a UBF Shepherd, the shiny holy paint begins to wear off. The UBF lifestyle eventually becomes abusive at every turn. Some UBF members commit suicide because of the depression.



In reality, UBF looks like a cult. A newspaper article from October 25, 1986 explains the cult nature of UBF that continues to exist in 2017. (image link 1, image link 2)




Poem by a Former UBF Member

The wonderful bible became a binding chain.
The mission for the world became a black burden.
The beautiful campus became a dark lonely place.
The humble manger caught on fire and choked me.
The spirit of giving bled me dry.
The self-support/layman ministry made me crawl like a zombie.
The spiritual order ruled my life like a massive demon of authority.