You might be in a cult if…

Recent events and decisions by various leaders in ubf have prompted me to make today’s post: Signs of cultish behavior.

You might be in a cult if…

…your leaders decide to kill of two of the most promising and healthy programs in your ministry.

…your leaders continue to ignore the voices of sound Christian men and women in your group.

…your leadership is always engaged in a godfather-like struggle for power.

…your organization resembles a business.

…your leaders make claims indicating tragic events are examples of God’s anger.

…your leaders continually live in denial of real pain and hurt.

…your leaders repeatedly marginalize those who follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

…you aren’t sure who is in charge.

…your group’s missionaries implant their own culture in every country they go to.

…your group’s missionaries lord over their authority in life-long shepherd/sheep bonds.

…numerous former members report trauma triggers and panic attacks.

…your organization’s mission statement doesn’t mention Jesus.

[Note: The ubf 50th anniversary mission statement was re-written and did not mention Jesus. The link was removed from the website, but remains on the Korean websites.]






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