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Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

mc1When I lived in Turkey, I was often ashamed of being an American because of the generalization that Americans are nonintellectual and self-conceited (which is often very true with tourists from the USA). Thus, when I was asked about my nationality I would reply, “Filipino.” This past week, however, I have felt that same shame creep up again, but this time because I am affiliated with the Evangelical Protestant Denomination. Last Wednesday, February 24, I attended an event entitled, “The Same god? Dr. Larycia Hawkins and Ahmed Rehab at the Chicago Temple.” And I am heartbroken that Wheaton would lose such a Professor. I am also enraged that such a complex question would be boiled down to a simple yes or no answer. And that that answer would terminate someone’s career. I wish that Dr. Hawkins had been shown more grace. What happens at Wheaton has repercussions for the rest of the world; Wheaton is a representative of the evangelical community.

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Terrible Darkness


Picture: Elias Izoli, Untitled

“There is such terrible darkness within me, as if everything was dead… I do not know how deeper will this trial go — how much pain and suffering it will bring to me. This does not worry me any more. I leave this to Him as I leave everything else. Let Him do with me whatever He wants as He wants for as long as He wants if my darkness is light to some soul.”- Mother Theresa

Darkness. Depression. Mental Illness. Brokenness. Frailty. Error. Uncertainty. These are words and ideas we repress and shove deep inside the trunks for our heart. These are parts of us that we are too afraid acknowledge. This quote from Mother Theresa is brutally honest because she does not claim that there is no darkness. She acknowledges it but does not allow it to consume her. To pretend it doesn’t exist would be a lie, but to say that hope doesn’t exist is also a lie.

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