Google Analytics Update

I started this blog back in July, but did not install the Google analytics counters right away. Today marks the first full 30 days of stats from Google, so I would like to share them with my readers.

Why am I sharing statistics? Well, it is because of an email I received as I was in the process of leaving UBF. The email was from a senior Korean UBF missionary. Here are some excerpts from his email:

“It was brought to my attention that recently you also send your e-mails (with many negative remarks) to many people who are not really interested in receiving them.”

“I have received multiple complaints about your e-mails. Thus, please focus on your e-mail exchange with those who are willing and able to constructively engage one another in love and truth and thus move forward for Christian resolution and reconciliation.”

I was supposed to believe that many people are not interested in what I have to say in regard to changes and issues in UBF. I was supposed to “engage” in “love and truth”, but only with select people. This email sparked my mind to post several of the entries on this blog.

Here are the stats from Google Analytics (some have criticized Google for being too conservative and think that these stats should be higher). These stats are not 100% correct, and cannot be with the current technology. However, they give a rather good confidence level that there are many people interested in what I have to say.

From August 23, 2011 to September 23, 2011 there were 300 “aboslute unique visitors”. This actually means “computing devices”, not necessarily people. So if someone reads my blog at home and at work, that counts as 2 unique visits. Based on these facts, it is safe to say that hundreds of people are reading this blog.

This is not just a U.S. readership. People from 26 countries have visited this blog and viewed my articles thousands of times. What is more, several people have emailed me privately, wanting to remain anonymous, in order to tell me they support most of what I say through emails and through this blog.

Click the images below to see more detailed statistics. It is encouraging to see that the average time spent per visit here is over 10 minutes.

(Note: These statistics filter out the bots and spiders, for the most part)

5 thoughts on “Google Analytics Update

  1. I continue to be amazed at the readership stats here. One week after posting this, I found that there are now 422 unique visitors and the time-on-site continues to be over 10 minutes, with nearly 6,000 page views on 48 articles. I think I’ll keep blogging!

  2. And here are the top 10 search keywords people have put into Google to end up on my blog:

    1 anti ubf
    2 priestly nation
    3 toledo ubf
    4 ubf christian cult
    5 brian karcher blog
    6 ubf cult
    7 priestlynation
    8 ubf paul hong
    9 brian karcher
    10 how does god plan to use israel as a priestly nation?

  3. The statistics from Google continue to demonstrate an overwhelming interest in the topics I’ve presented here. In just about 6 weeks since tracking the stats, I can now safely say there have been 500 people reading here from 30 countries, with an average time on-site at just over 10 minutes per visit, and a significant number of repeat visits by quite a few of these 500 people.

  4. The statistics from the first 3 months of this blog have been astounding and far beyond what I expected.

    980 unique visitors from 46 countries and over 12,000 pageviews. Average time on site is about 8.5 minutes.

    It is clear that many people around the world are interested in reading about the subjects presented on this blog. More to come in 2012.

  5. Quick update for the past 6 months of this blog:

    2,008 (Unique visitors)
    18,059 (Pageviews)
    3 (Articles viewed per visit)
    6 minutes 37 seconds (average duration of a visit)