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UBF break up policy vs 1 Corinthians 7 and Deuteronomy 22

There was a woman I saw give a testimony in front of a large audience at UBF.  I am pretty sure the testimony was filtered by UBF members to ensure it was OK to say by UBF standards and I am pretty sure she was in line with standard operating procedure at the time.

She said she prayed for her Bible student to break up with her boyfriend.  I want to address if Bible teachers should be encouraging people to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, encouraging them to marry or being neutral.  I suggest that encouraging them to marry and being neutral can be supported but not encouraging them to break up.  When I say encourage to marry I am not talking about forced marriage, but suggesting marriage as an option.

This is a sensitive topic as it deals with the common practice of Bible students having physical relations with other people outside of marriage so to read the full article go here

Marriage by faith vs the Bible on who you may marry image accessed 2018/1/18

By focusing on historical narratives in the Bible when it comes to marriage members of University Bible Fellowship treat the Bible like a ink blot when it comes to who someone is allowed or forbidden to marry who according to God.  I will instead actually focus on verses that explicitly talk about marriage rules in the Bible.  In many of these verses I will point out that either the man or woman is allowed by God himself to marry anyone they want to who consents and is not forbidden from marriage by another rule if every word of the Bible is inspired by God as UBF Bible teachers claim to believe.  But UBF presents another narrative God has not allowed it unless it lines up with your Bible teachers prayers.  In the link above I go through the teachings on marriage in Exodus 21, Deuteronomy 21, 22, 24 and 25 as well as 1 Timothy 5, Romans 7 and 1 Corinthians 7 to demonstrate my point, although it is not perfect this is the most thorough refutation of marriage by faith based on the Biblical teachings on marriage that I know of.

I will write other future articles at but this article is foundational