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Offended by teaching the truth too early

This Is My Response To The Recent Feedback From Current Members Complaining About Ex Members Misrepresenting UBF

Image accessed online on 2018 February 2

Now the Mormons have a free mason legacy through Joseph Smith.  Like University Bible Fellowship some Mormons get offended if you teach the sacred(secret) Mormon teachings before the proper time in the recruitment process.


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Bonn UBF– Zeugnis von Andreas P. vom 15. April 2001 [Original German]

Am 14. April 2001 kam Andreas P., ein langjähriges Mitglied von UBF Bonn, verheiratet mit damals 5 Kindern, mit seiner UBF-Gemeinde in erhebliche Schwierigkeiten. Peter Chang, der Leiter von UBF Bonn und Andreas’ eigene Frau, die eine loyale Anhängerin des Leiters war, versuchten ihn zu „trainieren“, indem sie ihm seine Scheckkarte und die Schlüssel zu seiner eigenen Wohnung abnahmen. Er flüchtete nach UBF Dortmund ins „Exil“, wo er seine Probleme erklärte. Der Leiter von UBF Dortmund bat ihn, seine Erfahrungen und Probleme in einem Zeugnis aufzuschreiben. So setzte sich Andreas an jenem Osterwochenende hin, versuchte seine Gedanken zu sammeln und schrieb in diesem Zeugnis auf, was er hinsichtlich der Probleme von UBF Bonn auf dem Herzen hatte, unbeeinflusst von der Meinung von anderen. Tatsächlich wusste Andreas zu der Zeit nicht einmal, dass es in UBF eine „Reformbewegung“ gab, und auch nicht, dass eine Missionarin, die früher Mitglied von UBF Bonn war, bereits im Jahr zuvor einen ganz ähnlichen Beschwerdebrief geschrieben hatte.

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A Biblical Critique of the Bonn UBF chapter part 1

Testimony by Andreas P. as of April 15th, 2001

On April 14th, 2001, Andreas P., a long time member of Bonn UBF, married with at that time five children, ran into severe difficulties with his UBF chapter. Peter “Dae-Won” Chang, the director of Bonn UBF and Andreas’ own wife who adhered loyally to the director, tried to “train” him, taking away his credit card and keys to his own apartment. He escaped to Dortmund UBF into “exile”, where he explained his problems. The director of Dortmund UBF asked him to write down all of his experiences and problems in a testimony. So Andreas sat down that Easter weekend to recover and write down in this testimony all that was on his heart about the problems of Bonn UBF, uninfluenced by any other opinions. In fact, at that time Andreas did not even know that a “reform movement” existed in UBF, nor did he know that a woman missionary who used to be a member of Bonn UBF and later left had already written about similar complaints the year before.

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Canada UBF (Montreal UBF)– Andrew Christopher’s Secret

In the last days of [the original] Winnipeg UBF, several Canadian shepherds came forward to defend the UBF group, rather than the UBF Korean “missionary” leaders. The following article is one written by Shepherd Andrew Christopher (currently of Montreal UBF [chapter director]). The article follows a typical UBF apologetic form: 1) UBF has suffered slanderous persecution, 2) critics of UBF are all secular humanists, and 3) UBF is misunderstood just because it practices pure “bible” Christianity. The article is embellished with quotations from Carlyle, John Glenn, and Tolstoy (all 3 of whom, incidentally, could never have completed their life work had they been in the UBF). In addition to several misleading statements about the UBF in Winnipeg, Shepherd Christopher errors most by not answering points made in the previous articles in the “Manitoban” which discuss details of “control tactics”, harassment, isolation, arranged marriages, and authoritarianism. His deceptive depiction of his own experience in UBF seems at times to equate more with a popular evangelical perspective rather than the “ultra-sectarian” group reported by others.

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