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Long Beach/LA/Downey UBF chapter– An Open Letter from an ex-UBF missionary

An open letter was sent to Downey UBF chapter and the rest of the UBF congregation by Rebekah Kim on July 13, 2011 that talks about UBF for what it really is behind close doors. [This letter was provided by a former member of the chapter]

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A genuine apology from a REAL missionary


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Peter (Man-Suk) Chang, former chapter director of Columbus UBF chapter wrote the following apology to Jim Bouldin and several others. Chang not only took the first practical step towards repentance but he also practically went beyond that with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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Christian Leaders Can Be Told They Are Wrong– Follow Up article

Before proceeding check out Ben Toh’s article first

In this article we’ll take a look at former UBF chapter director Peter Chang’s letter to UBF director Chang Woo Lee in which he not only told Lee that he was wrong but also showed him how he was wrong.

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Five Things That Helped My Journey out of UBF

**was originally submitted on UBF: Ur Being Flat on 9/30/16**

Leaving an organization like UBF is often a messy, complicated process. The level of emotional and spiritual manipulation that one has experienced by the time they are compelled to leave can lead to stress, anxiety, fear and confusion. Cult dogma that has been grafted in and emotionally hardened over the course of years is not easily tossed aside, and it is not simple to sort out the truth from the twisting. Am I really leaving God’s will? Does this mean that I’ve compromised in my faith? But what about all the good things that have happened in the ministry?

Therefore, when the time comes that the Spirit prompts one to leave an unhealthy church, it is the start of a long, bumpy process. Here are some things that helped me along the way.

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A Cry for Truth

pI would like to share this prayer I wrote down when I first realized the destructive practices of the University Bible Fellowship. This was an earth-shattering experience for me, because it threw everything that I had experienced over the course of ten months into a completely new light.

I still cringe a bit at some of the UBF language I used in this prayer, but it reflects the beginning of a massive change in my life. Some shepherds might say that what happened to me in the following months was spiritually destructive, leading to my “falling away” from God’s will. I think what really happened was God answered this prayer.

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