christian_coupleIn light of Samirbrazil’s article about Marriage by Faith (MBF) and the fact that marriage is such an important topic (the second most vital decision of your life). I would like to run a pitch before all of you respected readers.

It’s not a new idea. There have been murmurings about it for quite a while.

It’s called:


1.) MBF is time consuming. It takes a really long time to wait to get introduced to someone. Honestly, if you think about it, if, hypothetically, a given chapter has 5 eligible bachelors/bachelorettes, when that chapter director/Bible Teacher goes and asks a different chapter about potential spouses they usually ask only about one at a time and the other four are left hanging. This website will cut the waiting time. Very necessary as biological clocks are tick tick ticking…

2.) MBF is location dependent. The world wide web will cut down all the traveling. Usually chapter directors/Bible teachers ask about potential spouses at specific chapters of their friends. Now, however, the pool of potentials will be doubled or even tripled. Just think of all the house churches.

3.) MBF is costly.  Consider all the plane tickets and visas that matchmakers have to buy in order to find a spouse for their sheep. would save time and money that could go towards the wedding and beautifying the respective wedding halls or buying some yummy food for the reception.

4.) New look, same great service. MBF will not change in spirit just medium. Most young single adults in UBF already know what it’s like to be badgered about marriage. At any given UBF wedding reception an eligible man/woman of age would be approached multiple times about potential spouses. I’ve been around my parents (mostly my mom) long enough to learn that marriage is a big topic. Whenever, my mom visits other centers, one of the first questions is, “Hey, you got anyone ready to marry my Bible Student?”

I’ve also been asked about guys who live halfway around the world/country. The conversation goes something like this, “Hey you once said you want to be a missionary. How about country X? You can go there and marry Mr. X.” Marriage is difficult in of itself, why would you mix that with the added difficulty of assimilating to a new language and culture?

5.) Last but not least, will keep UBF young people in UBF:) It will produce more happy healthy families who stay in UBF and have many babies.


1.) First and foremost pray.

2.) Submit the profiles of your eligible bachelors/bachelorettes at your chapter (or submit your own profile) to the admin of

3.) Include: profession, education, hobbies, smoking/non-smoking, favorite movies, age, favorite color.

4.) We will find a match and send that information back to you.

5.) The potential couple will exchange email/skype addresses and have a 1 month grace period. There is no pressure. They can just talk and get to know each other, but there are no strings attached. After 1 month they are free to try again. And there are no hard feelings.


Here’s where I need the input of my respected readers.

1.) Should we post pictures?

2.) Should we charge money?

3.) Should we leave it only for chapter directors/Bible Teachers or should “sheep” be allowed to try themselves?

4.) Any volunteers to help spearhead the project, preferably those who know how to make websites and do computer things? I am only proficient in blogger.

That’s it for now.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

I welcome any suggestions comments or critiques.

We’re coming to a UBF chapter near you!