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Korea UBF– UBF, when it’s time to stand alone [English Translation]

A series on what UBF “missionaries” don’t want you to know about the 3rd reform movement.

UBF, when it’s time to stand alone

Whether it is a ‘church’ or a ‘missionary’, you have to be confident and determined

▲ October 29 UMI headquarters UMI’s view ⓒ News &

Last Issue (19) Cover Story Various opinions have been pouring into the editorial board about ‘UBF,’ which is a veiled site. Those who have a suspicion about UBF or who are not familiar with UBF are saying, ‘Yes, it is.’ , And the people inside the UBF varied from ‘how hard it is to evangelize one person’ to ‘neglecting gospel history’ by catching weaknesses in any community.

The UBF is in fact on the path of division, as the headquarters corporation’s board of directors has removed reformers. Whether you are a headquarters or a reformer, the next challenge is how the community will be born. After the last report, I met with the people of the reformers and headquarters several times and asked for a blueprint for this part. However, there were not many areas where clear answers could be obtained from both sides. It may be because it has been in a closed structure for nearly forty years, but recently it has faced a demand to “disclose everything in a transparent manner”.

One of the challenges raised in and out of the UBF reforms is ‘theological education’. It is the theological education that UBF must inevitably choose because of the duality that is external to the missions organization and takes the form of the church internally. Among the staff at the upper levels of the UBF are those who left the seminary in the late ’80s and received ordination from the pastor. It is the so-called ‘

Most of them joined the Unincorporated Seminary without a Ministry of Education and joined a school of the Presbyterian Church. It is as if the UBF is known to be an affiliate organization because the denomination is affiliated with the Korean Christian Association. Those who want to receive theological education because of external causes such as baptism or missionary sending and internal organs are going to go to the seminary.

Then in 1998 some shepherds who had received theological education had to quit school. In response, the headquarters explained, “Because we had to go to the seminary because there was too much heat in the district and there was a lot of obstacles in the ministry, we needed to organize the traffic,” and the reformer said, “Chicago was stopped by everything that Samuel Missionary ordered. did.

After that, the theological education had to be stopped for a while. The reformers, who are in the midst of the reform movement, sent 12 middle-class shepherds to the seminary. They are studying at a verified seminary such as a barrel, a high school, a joint school, or a trinity. The headquarters has been carrying out an extension education program internally for the time being, and started its own seminar called UMI (UBF Mission Institute) in March this year. Seminary held on Mondays and Tuesdays includes a large number of theologians such as Lee Won-seol, Oh-Deok Kyo, Kim Jin-jin, Yoon Yong-jin, Courses also have a well-structured curriculum in Hebrew and Greek, such as preaching, pneumatology, and church history. We are also providing video services to overseas missionaries as well as shepherds.

But a few years ago, one seminary was holding another issue, just as a school mission organization made its own college, gave ordination to the ministry, and got off track and got off the bridge. We can not rule out the possibility of creating a more closed structure. However, an official of the headquarters said, “Now UBF is open to objective opinions and criticism through external instructors.” Whether UMI will guarantee the theological health of UBF or whether it will become a jockey will be confirmed by a few more years.

“Now UBF is “open” to criticism and objections through external instructors.”
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Whether the reformers themselves receive their theological education or not, the headquarters is going to go the same way with the common denominator of theological education, though the methods are different, even if they give the theological education through the UMI and go further. This road leads directly to the question of whether this community will eventually become a ‘church’ or a ‘missionary’.

UBF has not been able to escape the present-day misgivings of ‘outside missions organizations, the inner church’. It must be missionary in that it teaches the gospel on campus, training Bible study, and raising disciples. But it is also a church in that it worship itself, pay tithing, baptize and partake of the sacrament. It is true that the UBF is in the form of its own church, so it is true that it receives the jiu-seo performance from the Korean church and goes up to the cubic. In addition, as the reform movement is exposed to the outside world, more attention will be focused. So what will UBF look like in the future?

An official at the headquarters said, “We should do this. We have to do that. We have to order from outside. We do not know where to go.” Of course, whether UBF sticks to its current duality, whether it takes one or the other, it is a matter to choose for itself. But whatever you choose, you have to bear a huge burden. If you become a pure missionary, you will not be able to guarantee anything to the staff. In a word, money is completely cut off. It seems that there is no way to escape from the gaze and heresy of the old church when it becomes a church.

The UBF gave ‘I gave money and gave it to me’ in order to stay in such an embarrassing environment, but I could not give and receive a heartfelt affection. The headquarters officials are unhappy in this regard. “The campaign to help the North Koreans, the Easter Sunday worship service, how much money and how many people are mobilized,” he said. However, it can be a point that UBF and Korean church should be criticized together. Rather than trying to achieve unity with genuine unity, there is enough room to look at each other’s awkward relationships with each other.

The reformists are also holding the identity problem of ‘going to church or going to missions organization’. One member of the reformist group cautiously commented, “If it is time for me to go through a student movement, if I become a pastor, should I support the student movement through the church and let the student movement work as it is?” In other words, it is desirable to clearly distinguish between the church in which UBF ministers work and the mission organization called UBF, but the system in which the church fully supports mission agencies. He said, “It is only a personal thought, and the thinking of the bachelors may be different, so we need a process to gather the whole body.” This issue must be a sensitive part of UBF’s identity.

Whether you are a headquarters or a reformer, you need to be more confident in this passage. Whether it is on its own or out, it is enough if there is no problem with the contents. Whether it is a church or a missions agency, it is also enough if you choose with your own choice. Forty years of history has not a short history, but there is no coercive hacking because it has not been trained to voluntarily choose and decide in a closed structure for a long time.

The reformers have now taken the first step in the struggle for independence. The headquarters side should practice the stand alone. At first, there is fear, but it is the time when the real faith and courage to dare to fear human beings and to fully depend on God alone is the most necessary.

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