Hi everyone,

Starting this upcoming week there will be only 2-3 articles every week week.

Karcher made a petiton to stop UBF shepherding. Here is the link: https://www.change.org/p/abraham-t-kim-stop-the-ubf-campus-shepherding

If anyone has trouble viewing the link or if the page of the petition doesn’t upload try to access the same link on different platforms: PC,desktop, tablet, phone, laptop, etc.

If the problem insists and it’s not your device then the link is possibly blocked in the area you tried to access from. [I’m not too familiar with the legality of other countries regarding the internet and social media.] Try a different location to access the links. If the problem persists email me: eddieisvercetti@gmail.com

Also if you are a current member or an ex-member who would like to submit your story or an article of any kind that is appropriate you can email me at eddieisvercetti@gmail.com

From there we can discuss the details and how to go about it.