Hello Everyone,

I have exciting news and updates for Ubfriends.net

The Sidebar has now been expanded with more essential links. Also The Ex-UBF Network is now called The Ubfriends Network.

As for the several articles series I mentioned in last years’ article here are updates.

I realized that there was no need to do a “marriage by faith” series because there is already a lot of articles covering that topic.

Regrading the Q & A the reason why it wasn’t carried out is because people there weren’t any questions sent to the admin.

The Conspiracy Theories Series won’t happen because I realized that doing so will be too deviant from the purpose of ubfriends.net. However, I will do one conspiracy theory that is very relatable to UBF.

The Christian Theology Series is still going on. But instead of once a month it will be whenever/ For a lot topics of Christian take more than a month of research and composition.

That is the site news for now. More in the future