I’m pretty sure we discussed this article already, but it deserves being remembered:

Wretched Urgency — The Grace of God or Hamsters on a Wheel?

The article explains so very well what’s wrong with not only UBF but all of these high pressure evangelizing groups.

The point is that even if UBF would really engage in evangelizing people, i.e. making them followers of the pure gospel, and not of UBFism, there is still something wrong with this if they define themselves, the meaning and purpose of life with mission, making it not only their own top priority, but also teaching others that they are condemned if they do not make it their top priority as well. This is the infamous teaching of Samuel Lee “man = mission” that makes people end up in the UBF hamster wheel. Please don’t fall for that. Even if UBFism would be more in line with the gospel and less abusive, even if their leaders would be willing to be held accountable, this is still a bad and unChristian teaching that destroys people inside and outside UBF.