The leader of the UBF Chapter I use to go to has a daughter named S.B.

I first meet her at the Spring 2014 bible conference where I introduced myself to her and shook hands with her. She was kind and friendly. Overtime I developed a bond with her. Some time after my awakening of seeing the “fantasy turn horror” at the wedding on Jan 10, 2015 we still talk and the truth is she not only treated me as a human being but as an equal.

But during this time the Seniors and the chapter leader would hover me and S.B. like  aircraft drones in fact the pastor  would stare at or in slang terms “mad dog” me whenever me or S.B. strive a conversation. The conversations I had with her have always been about the bible. The only exception is when S.B. and I talk about books which turn out to be a passion we both shared. Some of those books are The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged both by Ayn Rand.

Then on a Friday evening my former bible teacher dragged me to be interrogated by the chapter director and as I went S.B. passed me by and her eyes were red and watery for she was about ready to cry.  At the interrogation the chapter director forbade me to stay away from her and to never talk to S.B. ever again.

Since that time S.B. has changed. Before she was frolic and enthusiastic but later on she started showing her true thoughts and feelings when no one else is looking or when it is just me and her.She would have a long face when she looks at me. Her eyes are filled agony, emotionally distraught, and melancholy.  To this day her eyes still are. She even tries to take a quick glance at me when I’m not looking even when I ditch the mission meeting after Sunday service which stood out to me for everyone else is focused on singing the hymns yet she wasn’t.


Just recently I told S.B. that I left the chapter for good with my explanation and evidence to back up my claim. She never responded. Yet, she didn’t block my number or email. We were very close friends more specifically best friends. That is until the leader (her biological father) of the chapter forced us to separate.
All the time when I first went there whenever I saw her she would remind me of Joy from the movie Inside Out . She was the only (female) member who showed concern about me and would strike a conversation with me. She was also the only member who actually treated me like a human being. When we were forced to separate I saw her true character Sadness like the character of the same name in the movie Inside Out. When she looked at me just prior to my leaving she would reveal herself as sadness. We known each other to the point where we can simply exchange glances or body signals and understand each other’s feelings without words. One time during Friday night dinner when I faked my indoctrination with another member (I’ll call him him Pablo) with a joke she did not smile nor expressed delight but showed melancholy on her face. She saw through my mask without having to ask me.
What will ever become of her in the future only God can tell.