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In the church there was a woman who would literally try to commit adultery with me despite my refusals back in 2015-2016. Her name is Felicia Yanagi.

She would try to sexually approach me by:

  • Fliritng with her eyes
  • trying to sit next to me on the bus (I used to take the Gardena #2 bus to the church)
  • licking her lips

She didn’t even try to hide it. It was very obvious to the church especially the seniors and John Baik.

Felicia is twice my age. I’m 23 years old. She’s in her mid-40s with a little bite of gray hair.

I have addressed the issue with several members of the church including my former bible teacher but they would either laugh it off or would pass it off as nothing.

So then I confront John Baik about this by letter:


The female named Felicia Yanagi has attempted to strike a conservation with me several times whenever I enter the sanctuary early on Fridays before dinner or whenever she finds me alone and even went as far as to flirt with me with her eyes. I find this very suspicious because none of the other females of the church would do such a thing only she does this. I don’t believe she is trying to lead me astray or conducting a conspiracy against me. But when she tries to talk to me I feel uncomfortable, discouraged, devastated, and distraught and it brings me to the brink of paranoia. That discomfort and paranoia is what I do know.


Eric D. Navas


Here’s Baik’s response:

Sounds like he listens right? But in reality he didn’t for Felicia Yanagi continued to commit adultery against me. IT only ended after I left.

The church has wacky standards. Apparently it is malevolent to have a platonic conversation with Sarah Baik but it is okay for a middle aged woman to commit adultery to a man in his early 20s.


This is Felicia Yanagi