There were concerns and mixed responses to the last article I have posted. And I first want to apologize if I causes any mental triggers or brought back awful memories. That wasn’t my intention. There was a message in the article but I didn’t delivery it very clearly.

I also wanted to apologize if I caused any miscommunication for I don’t want this site to become a place where an individual can’t express their thoughts or opinion about an article in fear of being silenced. If anyone has a concern or complaint about anything or have a discussion or both the best way to reach me is my personal email if you wish not to post a comment for I check it twice a day every day: . If you wish not to contact me but only to wikigoat I respect your decision.

In regards to legality I am aware that there are risks in uploading videos, audio clips, and similar content on pubic sites. I have done research and have consulted with my inner circle and they too know the risks. For that reason I never disclose identities, locations, or specific UBF chapters when any other user and I uploads such content. If any legality issues do come then I take full responsibility of the consequences. Me and the rest of the admin of this site will make sure that won’t be ever be taken down or silenced.

For the future when I upload content that may cause controversy or some mental triggers I will put a disclaimer with asterisks. Ex: **This video may cause seizures**

One goal I have in mind is to have articles audience centered but this won’t happen 100% of the time but most of the time like the upcoming series. Another goal is to lean towards having this site as a safe haven for both current members and ex-members. For current members this site will never be pro-UBF but a chance for victims to share their experiences, artwork, and the like with the option of remaining anonymous.

I am human so there will be times when I slip up so you all are my fail safe. In addition to this not everyone will be pleased for as mentioned I am a human with limitations. Only Jesus himself can truly satisify everyone. No one viewing this website is forced nor obligated to like and/or agree with all the content of every article. It is alright to have disagreements and different perspectives. Though in doing so everyone including me must be mindful of others.

For those who wish to see the Caiaphas and hear the recording again I will have it uploaded by the time you finish reading this article. The reason it was temporarily removed was for me to reevaluate it.

In peace for all,