This certificate was issued February 9, 2007 at the forum . It publishes a small reduction. [Minsk was originally part of the Soviet Union until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991].

Minsk UBF 3 years of my life have been given during the university studies. Those. somewhere in the years 1995-1998 (if I am not mistaken, it was a long time ago).

<…> If you remember, in 1998, all Belarusians left Minsk of UBF, leaving only the ubfKoreans. And this withdrawal was accomplished all in a short period of time, when all Belarusian pastors suddenly gone; and, of course, not to go into conflict with his conscience, to explain the whole situation, and those with whom you have studied the Bible. And also followed to leave this organization. I do not know, then how in the UBF for others explained what happened … Rather, as usual, lied to justify ourselves or looking for “scapegoat” (perhaps they did me). Why write about the “scapegoat”, simply recall that shortly before our departure similar happened in Latvia. Those. when almost all Latvians left UBF (although the “center” of the number was young and not so big, so for them it was possible to say anything). The situation in the gazette UBF «Missions Report» described as a kind of a girl (she attributed all the bad quality) gone out of the “true path” of his teammates in UBF, and drew them into the Lutheranism. I think about our Minsk UBF could write like that. What really happened, I will describe next.

A little about myself, the Minsk “center» UBF at that time was headed by Caleb Kim (Korean missionary from the “center” of the city of Daejeon  (Daejeon “center” was led by Bona Hong)). At first, he was with his family, but then his wife because of health problems went back to Korea with their children. Caleb Kim also a degree Dr., left back in Korea. And instead he became the head of Paul O. (also from Daejeon). It was at this time that the departure of all Belarusians from the UBF happened. And he, of course, is not connected with this change in leadership. Among the Koreans were also KyuJong Kim and SuBin Choi. This family, who came from Inchon and studied in graduate school in Minsk. And it was in Minsk that they came to the UBF, they became pastors here. And then on one of their trips home in the Incheon “center”, its head David Wu blessed them with missionaries to Minsk and gave them the names of David Kim and Maria Tsoi. There were two girls-Koreans who have studied in medical school, and were also invited to UBF in Minsk. Their names I unfortunately do not remember. But they then changed to some other, something like “hope” or “hope,” or something similar. I understand that in UBF change names frequently practiced. And when all the Belarusians gone, the UBF in Minsk were only Paul and his wife Hannah Oh, Daniel Kim, Maria Tsoi and the two young Koreans. What is interesting in UBF, is the willingness to obtain titles. I remember how proud KyuJong and Subin, they were when called “missionary”. Or as an honor to be called “pastor”. There is a certain desire for career growth within the organization.

A little bit about why I specifically pointed out, from what [UBF-Sgiach] “centers” Korean missionaries arrived in Belarus. Why did I mention that all of them were either from Daejeon (where the head is Bona Hong) and Incheon (where the head of David Wu). It should also be noted that the Minsk UBF had a good connection with the UBF city of Bochum (Germany). Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the Korean at the head of the “center” (but among native Germans there was Ludwig Zikelman). These links have been established with the Bochum due to the fact that Igor (UBF in Minsk he was “Abraham’s faith”) while studying at the university for some time been in Bochum in practice. So what I wrote about all these [UBF-skie] “centers” and communication Minsk UBF. When the former head of the Minsk UBF Caleb Kim went to Korea, and power became Paul O., then just accomplished care of all of the UBF (about six months after the departure of Caleb). About a month or two to urgently Caleb Kim returned from Daejeon briefly in Minsk. He tried to collect almost all and talk about the reasons for leaving. We then gathered at the home of Igor Sveta (the first “house church” Minsk UBF) and posted it all the inconsistencies teachings of UBF Christianity, all that UBF transformed into a sect. He listened to us attentively. Largely agreed. But what struck me most of all, he does not persuade us to go back. I did not understand it then. But then it was all clear. After all, our friendly “centers» UBF, ie and Daejeon and Incheon, and Bochum were themselves in the reform movement in UBF, and themselves denounced and Samuel Lee [life General Director and co-founder of the whole UBF] , and many in UBF teachings. And in the end, all of these “centers”, together with other left out of UBF, and organized by CMI (campus mission international). Bona Hong and David Wu led the reform movement in Korea. Those. Then I understood why Caleb Kim did not dissuade us back and defended of UBF, because in many ways it was of the same opinion himself. Although, as far as I know, there is much in the CMI, which was incorrect in UBF. For example, the same “marriage by faith.”

As for the reasons why leave UBF. <…> Of course, the first thing that catches your eye, it’s a lie, by which Koreans tried to control. This especially became very noticeable, when, after the creation of the first “house church” Igor and Sveta Koreans began to try to get into the management of their family. And they said different things to Igor and Sveta. At the same time we tried to manipulate, saying, for example, the light that Igor missionary talked about it something bad. And vice versa. And then, when they talked again at home, and everything turned out. Then, slowly and all other ex-UBF-sheep began to share their experiences, and found many interesting things …. Around this time, I myself left the UBF. I previously lived in the “center” with Sasha (earlier, before her marriage, was still living with us and Igor). But since the last time I began to ask a lot of questions about the missionaries that UBF is not true, I have tried to get rid of. The official reason for my departure missionaries made my departure to Catholicism. Why is that? And I’m just like a native of the atheist family, for all these three years spent in of UBF, and had not been baptized. And the teachings of the Minsk UBF was that baptism is unimportant. Although, when the disturbance, and not only mine, on this occasion began to increase, the favorite of our “center” of three or four people (for good behavior) was sent on some winter conference of students in Moscow, where they were baptized . Of course, many of them have been baptized for the second time (in fact, many were baptized in the Orthodox Church, etc.). But I was not among the three or four people. I remained not baptized. It is interesting that with all this people in UBF received the title of “pastor”, even without being baptized. I understand that baptism is important, come once in one of the churches in Minsk (where among the priests had a friend) and asked for baptism. Well, when baptized, and said this in of UBF, then I have already started to leave, as a dedicated organization of teaching. Yet, in UBF was forbidden to attend other churches. And even it is forbidden to communicate with those who had left UBF. Now I understand that this was done in order to prevent the possibility of a true understanding of what’s going on. Although all those who remained of UBF, leaving someone stood out as the desire of the individual to follow the secular path, rather than to serve God. It is, of course, to note about the “marriage of faith.” Better, however, to say, not of faith to God, and to confidence-missionary pastor. Most interesting is that the creation of “house churches” was seen as a competition between the “center” of UBF. Those. position was such that, for instance, in Moscow and Kiev already have a family church, but we do not. Therefore, we need to create. And then already started “processing” selected for this purpose people. Although, remember marriage Igor and Sveta, from this moral has got everything. Still lie in UBF always flourished. Immediately began studying Genesis specific title, and introduction into the ears of all, it is the only possible and correct way to the Biblical marriage. And when it was said that God sees the will in creating a family through a missionary for such a people. Those. It stated that God may open something only through the missionaries, rather than directly to the people. Also emphasizes the fact that, look how much good and how many blessings God has given you through them (the missionaries). And if someone was not listening, then it was called ungrateful and given “training”. Thank God that marriage Igor and Sveta, despite the machinations of missionaries, was a happy one. Although I know that many in UBF marriages broke up. After all, even the current head of UBF marriage Minsk Paul Oh and Hannah Oh was almost destroyed at the same time. Also, squatting on Natasha on account of her marriage to someone from Korea, visible to the missionaries, also played a role in the care of all of the UBF. I also know that in the Estonian center Tartu Egon Sarv (who at that time was initiated in the UBF), who was forced to marry someone from the same Estonian “center”, also left. And the girl has already agreed, but he was more morally strong and, saying “no”, left the UBF.

<…> I recall once the envelopes with the names of the Minsk UBF. If you want to give a donation, you should take the envelope with his name and putting money into it, to throw it during the service in the basket. That is, in such a way to control who and how many sacrifices. Moreover, it was fought statistics, and often have questions about why you sacrificed so much or not sacrificed at all …
So against the background of what is happening we often began to gather at Igor with light. Discuss what is happening.Share everything that everyone grieved at heart. UBF to discuss the problem. Then we came across a translation into Russian of the book American Methodist pastor, which raised the issue of sectarianism. All this book read deeply and came to the conclusion that what is described as the best suited for UBF. First, (as well as I do in the beginning), it was all a desire to try to change the situation in UBF, moving it in a healthy direction. However, realizing that it is inherent not only to Minsk, but also the entire organization, all came to disappointment. Even understanding that all come to know God in this organization, there was no order to keep everyone in UBF. It was therefore decided to leave UBF. It’s better to serve God in a healthy organization in freedom than in a dream the amount of frames, an unhealthy atmosphere and lies in UBF …
As for <…> a question about whether you would be advised to start another way to of UBF, then definitely answer: “NO”.