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Many Cards – My Reactions to Victoria UBF Letter

As we former members know all too well, responses from ubfers are rare gems. Here is the second public response to me recently (the first was a one-star public review of my Identity Snatchers book). For context, please read the Martlet Student Newspaper article from June 9, 2016, where I was interviewed:

On November 3, 2016, Mr. Joshua Park (the chapter director in Victoria ubf) sent the following Letter to the Editor:

In his letter, Mr. Park plays many cards. Here are my reactions…

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Two Miracles!

Hey everyone– long time no blogging! Well, I’m back for a couple reasons. One reason is because I want to share with you not one, but TWO miracles. After years of silence, we former members have received two public responses from ubf leaders. This is stunning news my friends, because as we all know, the one thing ubf leaders do not want is public scrutiny. Today’s post is part 1 of 2 (I can only handle one miracle at a time!). I will share my reaction to another public response in the near future.

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hChange. You cannot grow without change. Without the process of transition, evolution, adaptation and division, cells cannot grow into living beings. Division, then, is not always a bad thing. Division is necessary for growth and is part of every healthy group. And so “you be friends” is changing yet again. Here are some updates as to what is going on with our virtual community.

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22 Minutes of Mind Control

m** Admin update: The transcript of the first few minutes has been added to this article ** This audio clip was submitted recently. It creeps me out. Please take a listen and share your reactions. This 22 minutes is all you need to know about UBF and the mind control that goes on there. They keep working on you to break you down mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Introducing WikiShepherd

wBy now, our ubfriends readers know that several things are needed in order to understand the ubf organization. UBF is anything but a normal, maintream Christian ministry. They are abnormal, with theology that lives in the space where hyper-evangelicalism meets Buddhism. UBF has a special insider language, a specific heritage they want to defend, and an overly demanding lifestyle they place on members. If you are going to sign your life away with the new UBF covenant of membership, I think you should be aware of the UBF teachings, doctrine, dogma and language. Especially, the UBF arranged marriage practices and marriage training, called “marriage by faith“, ought to be publicly documented. So we are building a Wiki just for untwisting and understanding shepherding ideology, as practiced by UBF. Not much is published yet, but there is much more to come. Anyone is free to create an account an edit using the Wiki, which is the same software used by Wikipedia. Here is the link: WikiShepherd

Examine. Expose. Exert.

gA few years ago, I hinted that I was working on a new website, sort of a mega-anti-ubf site. This is moving forward, and today’s article is a taste of the content I plan to publish. My tagline for the new site is this: examine, expose and exert. I plan to examine many aspects of the UBF group, to expose their abuses and to exert continued pressure on the group leaders to step down, shut down or otherwise overhaul their seriously flawed campus ministry. What gives me the right to do this? Why am I qualified to do this? I am in a unique position, first of all. I spent 16 years as a ubf shepherd, 8 years as a ubf chapter director and 5 years as a former member. During this time “out” of the group, I have become a sort of amateur exit counselor for dozens of ubf members. I have written four books about my insider experiences. I have helped build the ubfriends websites, making a major contribution┬áto the 20,000+ comments and the 700+ articles (perhaps exceeded only by Ben Toh!). Here is my summary I’ve been working on. For decades, ubf leaders told me to examine myself. Now it’s my turn. Now I examine them. For decades. ubf leaders told me to expose my sins. Now it’s my turn. Now I expose their abuses. For decades, ubf leaders exerted undue religious influence on my life and their high-pressure authoritarianism ruled my life. Now it’s my turn. Now I exert massive pressure on them.

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