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Logging bible studies refuted by Jehovah Witness video


Jehovah’s Witness Elders Question A Brother For Not Turning In Field Service Time

Old Greg

I think this is a good video for people in University Bible Fellowship who track logs of one to one Bible Studies to listen to and consider the points and the personal applications of Bible verses used by this man trying to explain why he has decided not to log door to door service hours, a similar but slightly different practice by Jehovah witnesses.  This man was also tempted to be dishonest and log in extra hours more than he did a practice he repented of by not logging in hours anymore

What an ex-Korean missionary had to say about UBF part 2

Testimony by M. Susanna P. as of October 1st, 2000

Susanna P. is a Korean UBF missionary who was a long-time member of Bonn UBF and who was later sent out to pioneer an affiliated UBF ministry in the city of Siegen in Germany. In this letter written on October 1st, 2000, she writes about several grievous things she experienced during her stay in and continued connection with the Bonn UBF ministry, especially involving its director, Peter Chang. It is one of the rare documents in which a UBF woman missionary dares to tell the truth about her missionary life in UBF. The letter was originally written in Korean and has been translated. Her report was confirmed by several other missionaries who had left Bonn UBF earlier and one year later by similar testimonies by two German coworkers. However, the official UBF called her letter a “slandering campaign” only and did not care. Peter Chang himself, in response, called her and her husband, who supported her, “savage wolves” and “wicked servants of Satan”, who made up everything, and he declared that the letter was a “hundred percent lie.” Nothing changed in Bonn UBF since then.

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