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Logging bible studies refuted by Jehovah Witness video


Jehovah’s Witness Elders Question A Brother For Not Turning In Field Service Time

Old Greg

I think this is a good video for people in University Bible Fellowship who track logs of one to one Bible Studies to listen to and consider the points and the personal applications of Bible verses used by this man trying to explain why he has decided not to log door to door service hours, a similar but slightly different practice by Jehovah witnesses.  This man was also tempted to be dishonest and log in extra hours more than he did a practice he repented of by not logging in hours anymore

The mystery of the beautiful exterior of UBF and my hope and vision for discipleship

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá Accessed online on 2018 February 15

Note:  Although some of the images are the same as in other articles I wrote this is a different article

The original article below explains my vision for doing authentic voluntary non hierarchical discipleship and my hope for University Bible Fellowship.

Title:  The mystery of the beautiful exterior of UBF

The purpose of this article is to show how there are wonderful things taught and done by the real lay-missionaries in UBF composing it’s beautiful and wonderful (but less  than perfect) outside.

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The earthly reward of obeying Samuel Lee

Let’s say you have 2 sheep sure they are both abused by the Shepherd but the one who wins greater favor from the Shepherd gets to take on the role of the abuser over the sheep that loses the competition.  Being the abuser can be profitable even if you have to suffer through abuse to get there.

Many people who obeyed Samuel Lee are now in the top of the hierarchy because he favored those who obey him.  Sarah Barry has inherited the money and power of Samuel Lee more than those who disobeyed him and were ousted, she was right if I just obey Samuel Lee earthly things will work out in the end but not the spiritual things won’t.

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Dupage UBF– Group leaves Glen Ellyn home after 14 years

Here is an article I found about UBF.  You can delete this if this article was already posted by someone else as multiple people might have found it.

Group leaves Glen Ellyn home after 14 years

Village denies permit to keep University Bible Fellowship operating at location

Gnosticism and sneaky wording

Dante and Virgil observe the false counsellors, Canto XXVI Accessed online on 2018 February 13

There is a difference between a claim being true and stating that if someone does not believe a claim is true upon the moment of death they will go to Hell after they die.  Below is a list of claims that are not equivalent to one another however people often confuse the types of claims.  I give many examples below.  There are also different definitions of the word believe.  Changing around the definition of the word believe can be used to make people afraid of going to Hell for accessing the wrong information and changing what claims they believe.  Consider the adjectives, verbs, prepositions, articles and any other qualifying words and phrases next to the word believe when you read verses in the Bible also consider the tense the word believe is conjugated into and the fact that the Bible is translated from another language if and when you read it in English so as not to fall for these kinds of traps.

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