Getting some things off my chest.

I was a UBF shepherd along with others at El Camino UBF. I committed the following malevolent acts against newbie UBF members, college students on campus, ex-members, and to my own students (“sheep”).

  • Heavy shepherding
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Deception & Lying
  • Spying
  • Defending UBF
  • Manipulation
  • being narrow-minded

To college students:

As of mid-2016 I no longer recruit anyone to the abusive UBF cult. I wish I can apologize and make up for wasting other students’ time with my questioning and bible studies.

To the newbie members of El Camino UBF:

I regret my acts towards you newbie members. I have come to realize that most of you weren’t in on John Baik’s schemes. I can’t say I’m a changed person but I can be one with open ears. Whether you believe me or not I will let you decide on that.

Regarding my former students:

I have personal apologized to all of them via text or in person. Some of them forgave me while others want nothing to do with me. And for the latter I respect their decision. To this day I no longer contact my former students as a pardon for violating their privacy.


My passion for being Mr. Anti-UBF has at times gone too far and has sometimes lead to the hindrance of my friendships with ex-members and even causing ex-members internal conflict. I do regret for causing any ex-member inner conflict, headaches, letting my emotions cloud my judgment, and the like.

I never again want to be that kind of person.

This is the short version of my confessions to the people mentioned above. The Long version will be published in my memoir in the future.