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It’s Monday. Everybody’s favorite day of the week.

This post will be an Q & A. These questions weren’t submitted by viewers by rather were asked by my friends and peers alike. I will answer them in today’s post for I feel that you the viewers have more or less the same question(s)

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: In my spare time I read books, go to the movies, hangout with friends, sleep, and go online shopping.

Q: Have you ever thought about moving on from UBF?

A: Yes I have thought about moving on. But ever time I’m about to do so someone UBF intentional or not reminds of the past or tries to figuratively destroy me in some form. It may not be El Camino UBF’s goal/intention but it is not helping  me move on.

Q:  Do you have work/job?

A: Yes. I’m a cashier at a convenience store on my campus working at minimum wage.

Q: Have you been to a church since you left UBF?

A: I have visited two churches after I left UBF but I haven’t joined a church since I left UBF.

Q: What kind of books do you read?

A: My favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy, adventure, action, history, theology

Q: Where did you get all of that declassified UBF Lore?

A: Multiple ways. I have insiders in UBF who provide me content, my friend FBU has been helpful, I also did research on my own which took awhile despite having a lot of spare time.

Q: If UBF reformed would you want to come back?

A: Hell no.

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?

A: Nope

Q: Why hasn’t UBF taken legal action against you?

A: My guess is that they want to avoid public scrutiny. They fear that if they do take action that I’ll release documentation of them taking action against me.

Q: Do you get paid to make articles on UBFriends?

A: No. Ubfriends is one of my passions. I don’t get a cent for making these articles. If anything we admin are losing money with the extra features and whatnot.

Q: Do you plan on writing books exposing UBF?

A: Yes. I plan on writing 4 books. Full details TBA.


That’s all the questions for now. If you have a question leave it in the comment section below of contact me at the Contact page.