Hi everyone. This article will be basically a list of suggestions/recommendations of cartoons shows. (Note: I’m a 90’s kids so many of the items on this list were made/ran during the 1990’s and/or to the mid 2000’s.

**Disclaimer: All rights go to their respective owners**

**This list is composed of the most popular and/or forgotten cartoons**

Here is a complication list of cartoons to see or rewatch

Alvin and the chipmunks 1983 cartoon series:

Doug 90’s cartoon:

Chalkzone mid 2000s cartoon show:

Spiderman 1994 cartoon series:

The Simpsons ongoing TV show since 1989:

Make way for Noddy early 2000’s cartoon series:

The goof troop 90’s cartoon series:

My gym partner’s a monkey mid 2000’s cartoon:

Heathcliff the cat 80’s cartoon series:

The Smurfs 80’s cartoons series:

X-men 90’s cartoon series:

Bear in the Big Blue House 90’s cartoon series:

Men in Black 90’s series:

Rollie Pollie Ollie cartoon show late 90’s to early 2000’s:

Samurai Jack 2000’s cartoon:

Note: A few days again the show was revived on adult swim for a 5th season. Here’s the premiere

My life as a Teenage Robot 2000’s cartoon:

Invader Zim early 2000’s cartoon:


As told by Ginger early 2000’s cartoon:

Hey Arnold! late 90’s cartoon:

Catdog late 90’s to early 2000s cartoon:

Freakazoid late 90’s cartoon:

Adventure Time late 2010’s cartoon:

Animaniacs 90’s cartoon series:

Kim Possible 2000’s cartoon:

7 Little Monsters early 2000’s cartoon:

The Magic School Bus 90’s cartoon:

KaBlam! late 90’s cartoon:

Franklin late 90’s cartoon series:

Timothy goes to school early 2000’s cartoon:

Loonatics Unleashed mid 2000’s cartoon: