I have been in UBF for four years. I was a Christian before that for six years. I was searching for a church without much success. I was also taking summer classes. When on campus I was approached by two missionaries, I agreed to study the Bible one on one, thinking that this might be God’s answer to me for a church. After attending worship service, everything seemed to be fine. The first couple of years I was there, I really didn’t notice differences. But soon I noticed a few people (students) leave the fellowship and nothing was ever said. I asked about these people and I was told they “dropped out”. I thought it was odd. Then one day I heard the director’s wife say “he ran away from UBF” referring to a former member. The missionaries there began to talk about former members of UBF as people who were not saved because they left UBF. This bothered me. But I said nothing.

By this time I was teaching other students the Bible and fishing regularly. I also wrote testimonies, but then some of the things the director said in his sunday messages began to make me a little suspicious. At one time he said that anyone who does not write a weekly testimony will have to stay after worship service and write it. At another time he said “I have the authority to make you do these things.” I thought about this and reasoned that since he came from another culture that his take on authority was different than mine. So I dismissed it. As it turned out he never followed through with these threats, so I thought that he was saying them only to encourage us to write testimonies. About this time I went to a conference in May 2003, there I heard a shepherd (from another chapter) say the same thing that my director said: that we could not go home until we memorized a very large portion of scripture.

But here is the main reason that made me think I should leave. A year ago the director asked me if I would consider selling my house and move closer to the university, so that I could participate in the ministry more often. He said that I could use the money I get from selling my house to buy a new one closer to the campus, and begin using it for a Bible house and possibly having worship service there. He said if I did it God would bless me abundantly for my sacrifice. He said that this was God’s plan for my life, to sell my house and dedicate my entire life to the ministry(UBF). He talked as if it was definitely God’s plan for me.

I was caught off guard, and did not know what to say. He asked me to think about it, and I said I would. Then, the VERY next day, he announced to the entire congregation that I agreed to sell my house and move closer to the university with the idea that my house would be used by UBF for worship service, one on one Bible study and missionary roommates. I was very confused at this point. I prayed about this, asking God if this man had the authority to do this. I prayed about leaving UBF. But I felt so tied into this church by now, that I did not have the will power to leave.

In the following year, this director did not bug me too much about moving, he did mention one time to check with realtors and see about houses near the campus. The missionary at this chapter actaully called me up and said that I must look at houses close to the university and then report back to the director. I just ignored them from then on about the house thing. I was not burdened about losing my house, I was burdened with him asking me to sell it. I thought what godly man would do this? Does he have Biblical authority to require me to follow these orders?

Here are some other things this director has said: He mentioned again in the pulpit how he has the spiritual authority over those sitting down. At a prayer meeting he said that anyone who misses a prayer meeting will be fined ten dallors. He told me I was not quilified to be married, then he told me of a woman in Korea that has been praying to marry me, and if I got my act together I could marry her (yes they tried to arrange my marriage). He said anyone that does not write testimonies is living in sin and has a spiritual problem. He is so soft-spoken, that you would almost believe anything he says. He says that vacations are a sign of worldly living and we should repent if we take one. He told me two weekends ago that I should move close to the university at any cost, and that if I don’t do it God would not bless me, because I have to many “possessions” to many “material items”. He told me to throw away everything I have and only keep a Bible, and that I am “still in my father’s house” in reference to Abraham leaving his father’s house and going to the land of Cannan. In other words, I am still in sin because I have not sold my house and set out for the promised land (a house closer to the university). I heard him sharply rebuke a missionary for not having enough sheep, and for not writing good enough testimonies. In prayer sometimes they will pray that I will “repent” for my sins. And I could tell you more……..

Most of these things happened the within the last year. The first couple of years my eyes were not opened to what they were doing. I believe that is part of their method, to hide their true intentions until the “sheep” gets further into the church, then slowly implant their teachings.

I attended the MSU conference. I only participated in the meals and the Bible study. I took walks and read the Bible when every other member went to the lectures. I attended part of the saturday night meeting and part of the sunday closing. When I got home, I did some searches trying to find articles about UBF. I have tried before but only found one, and it was not very detailed. This time I did a search on google for UBF, and I found an article that said that UBF was revoked by the NAE. I was stunned! In this article was the RSQUBF website and the EscapedUBF website. I read articles about false UBF teachings, Samuel Lee, testimonies from former UBF members. I had always thought about UBF being a cult, but now I had evidence, and it was a reality. I was embarrassed, I felt humiliated. I was hurt, thinking that I wasted four years of my life with this cult. I was angry with UBF, but more angry with myself. I wonder why God allowed me to stay there?

Then I decided that I would definitely leave. When I prayed about this, I felt peace and a burden lifted from me. I feel good that I will not be involved with UBF anymore. I am going back tomorrow to return a few items. They don’t know I am leaving yet, but they will sometime this week. I have not decided how I am going to tell them, but I have decided I want no part of them.

When I think it is safe to tell you more I will. And thank you so much for your interest. I will continue to read this thread. Bye for now……..