Sarah C.

“I was involved with Triton UBF from 1990-91. I was recruited by Donna [Triton UBF member] outside my high school in Chicago. I played in the band, and directed a little skit. I left after the final straw where I believe it was John Mike [Triton UBF member] who gave the sermon about how heaven things would be perfect and people wouldn’t be obese like his wife. Even worse, they made the poor woman repent for her obesity at the next testimony meeting.”  Source:


‘I was a member of Triton UBF for 8 years, from 1992-2000, from the age of 16-24 years old. I believe that young people are idealistic and impressionable. I believe that UBF exploits this, and uses it to systematically prevent people from being individuals. I believe that it also inhibits young people from maturing as adults who are well balanced and able to make their own decisions. For 2 days i have been reading things on this website. I am sad to see that not many former members from Triton UBF have spoke up about the totalitarian environment that went on there. Personally, for me, the best medicine has been to not think about this at all. At the age of 24, i was ill prepared to live without the cult. I had been estranged from my family. The members of UBF were all of my friends. I was disgusted when a member told me that i had to move out of the apartment i shared with some “shepherdesses” because i had went to a night club and was exhibiting “unspiritual” behaviour. My name was on the lease! No one has the right to tell someone where to live, who to marry, where to work, where to go to school, what type of job to get, what ones life goal should be! young people should be left to freely make these decisions on their own. It is wrong to have others shun someone because they do not think as the leaders want them too. And equally as sad it is to not EXPOSE the evil deeds of the members! INCLUDING adultery! but NOT LET teenagers and young adults follow their heart and learn to associate with the opposite sex by dating!~ this, among other things, is why i left. Now, i am done with organised religion. It has tainted it for me…” Source:


I am a former UBF Triton attendee. I worked with Thomas H (who shares the same first name and last initial as I). I actually got started with UBF because I was going through this ultra-religious ultra-moral stage in my life, and looking for a Christian group, UBF preseanted itself. I was a bit rebellious though, I think, because I would often prefer my own interpretation of passages to those of the UBF and became less and less serious when it seemed like everything was being twisted around to represeant a single meaning “Love, respect, trust God (as interpreted [and represented] by UBF) unconditionally” or whatnot. Glancing over your other writings and such I think that we may have a lot in common. I have added you to my AIM buddy list. I am called CamdenBloke.
-Thom” Source:

Garland A.

“hello. my name garland a. i’m married to Heather Armstrong former Triton ubf member. she left [UBF] because Wendy Heusel [Triton UBF leader] would hit and yell at heather. I have been married since January 29, 2004 and our friends Tom and Carol Gibbons have been married since January 30, 1979. Gideon Sherwin and Ron Ward invited me and heather to university bible fellowship on the north side of Chicago. Now me and heather go to Trinity Lutherian church in roselle,il.” Source:


“I was around when UBF “arranged” Wendy Tockerman and Karl Heusel to get married. In fact, when I made a comment to the leaders that this was “arranged”, they rebuked me bigtime and said I didn’t see “the work of God in this”. Thats right, I didn’t see the work of God. I saw the work of Missionaries Lee, Yoon, and Hemebikedes (or however you spell his name). Which reminds me, I never liked their view of marriage, which was (and probably still is) that married couples are only “co-workers doing God’s work”. Come to think of it, they told me I didn’t have “friends” at UBF, but rather “co-workers”. How stupid is THAT??” Source: