My support group sent me images entitled Churchianity vs Christianity which I will show at the end of this article. The image is very thorough in its explanation and analysis. But when I pondered about it UBF was never a church but a chapter. These words (chapter & church) have been used interchangeable but have different definitions.

According to Oxford English Dictionary the definition of a church is “A building for public worship belonging to a religion” (OED). The problem with called UBF a church is that their service is not public (figuratively speaking) and they don’t conduct  any worship. If anything their “worship” is not of Jesus but idolatry of men specifically chapter directors (a.k.a in UBF terms “missionaries”. Since the word church is affiliated with the connotation of Christian worship

That is why UBF is more accurately a chapter. For a chapter is ” A branch of an organization or society [esp. of a college fraternity]” that has “A duly constituted general meeting or assembly” (OED). In other words UBF is just an organization/operation that conducts endless meetings only with cultic practices.

Here are the images: