This segment of the article series will be split into two parts. This first part will be on Christian Theology within the scriptures (The Holy Bible). But before getting into that there is something that must be done immediately.

First you must completely dispose/destroy of all of your bible notes and question sheets (both the hard copy and what was save on your computer and/or USB flash drive) that you acquired while in UBF.



Then get a new bible to start fresh on learning Christian Theology outside of Leeism/UBFism. For the UBF material doesn’t get you to think but overtime turns any victim into a clone of the chapter director.

@ Briank another thing I did when it was clear my days in this totalitarian system were coming to an end was to return to my former Shepard (M^C) his bible that way I could study the bible from a clean slate and not from the p.o.v of ubfism which I have no problem equating to garbage.” –Rocket 773

@ Bekamartin by studying Christian from other sources as well as attending non-ubf “church” services I too feel I was able to keep from being completely brainwashed by ubfism. The first thing I did when I quit this indoctrination camp a.k.a ubf was to go and buy a bible and read the scriptures for myself.” — Rocket 773

Quote reference:

When getting a new bible I recommend getting the scholarly/study editions for they have bible commentary. Recommended when reviewing the books of the bible that you have already when through in UBF. One example is the Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries. It has good ratings on the web by others who have used it.

The truth is UBF doesn’t teach the whole bible but just about a quarter of it. The books taught are the ones used to reinforce their doctrine and dogma. Here is the list:

  • the 5 books of the law
  • the 4 gospels
  • Nehemiah
  • Ruth
  • Joshua
  • 1 Samuel
  • Philippians
  • Ephesians
  • 2 Timothy
  • Acts
  • Titus(?)

On very rare cases other books of the bible that are not in the list are taught. But even with that it is just a chapter or a few verses. Examples: Romans 1:1-7, 1 Corinthians 15.

If you read the rest of the bible that UBF doesn’t teach you’ll see that they clearly debunk and disprove UBF’s doctrine and dogma like 2 Samuel, James, Lamentations, and both books of Thessalonians.

Check out samirbrazil’s article on his excellent analysis & commentary on Proverbs 31:

Also check out Ben Toh’s article on Galatians:


Another great book to look at is Hebrews particularly the New Covenant in chapters 8-9. Below are some images with the basics of the New Covenant and how it’s different from the Old Covenant.

We all are no longer under the Old covenant (Lee’s 12 point heritage) but the New Covenant where we not only received salvation by grace through Jesus’ blood but also obtain the gift of the Holy Spirit where we are spiritually changed inside out.

In the Christian Theology series I will go into depth on the New Covenant Theology and more. What other books of the bible apart from what is mentioned above do you recommend for seeking freedom from UBF and it’s old covenant?