On the UBF website, former chapter director Isaac Shin’s death, is mention only one by his wife’s testimony.

“On May 28, 2013, we had a 10-year anniversary since Missionary Isaac Shin passed away. We had a prayer meeting at the place where the hair of Msn. Isaac, mine and David´s were buried.” Source: http://www.ubf.org/world-mission-news/europe/work-god-czech-ubf-2013

Note that she doesn’t state how he died let alone whether he went to heavn or not. Quite fishy isn’t it?

Now here is a first hand account of Isaac Shin’s death by Rebekah Kim an ex-UBF missionary of Downey/LA UBF .

“I saw the death of late missionary Isaac Shin in Czech Republic. He had liver cancer and had been treated by the help of shepherd James Suh [John (Chun) Baik’s bible teacher (shepherd)] at Kyung Hee University Medical Center. But there was no more hope for him, so Pastor Mark Yang led him to Busan to get urine therapy as the last method to be healed.

But Pharmacist Yong Tae Kim, the representative of the urine therapy in Korea, said that
missionary Isaac Shin couldn’t be healed by it and that he was almost on his death bed,
so he recommended him to go to the hospital right away. Pastor Mark Yang had to go
back to Seoul because he had a busy schedule there, so he asked us to take care of
missionary Isaac Shin.
No one thought he would die the day after missionary Mark Yang left. When he entered
the hospital, he couldn’t even sit or lay down because his body pain was so severe.

It was so miserable. He had to wander around on the bed and on the floor and
everywhere. It was like he was in hell. In him, I couldn’t even find the concept of heaven.
He kept asking me to call the doctor. They gave him painkillers but it didn’t work at all.
That night, missionary Hannah Shin, his wife, suggested him to put hope in heaven to prepare for his death, but missionary Isaac Shin glared fiercely at her saying “You mean I am going to die? Am I going to die?!” He bursted in anger at her even though he was dying with severe pain. There was no heaven in him at all. He couldn’t confront his death in that situation…

I was shocked at missionary Isaac Shin’s death, which had nothing to do with Jesus and heaven practically … How can a missionary’s death be just like an unbeliever’s? I cannot say this is only his story, this is our UBF’s storySource: Rebekah Kim’s letter