This is an open letter sent to one of the UBF “missionaries” at the chapter by an ex-member.

Dear “Missionary” Martin:


When I brought to your attention the negative/disturbing things being said about UBF you told me to “judge according to what I see”.  This write up is my reply to what I saw and what I see.  First off what I saw was a Christian fellowship (on the outside) which at times appeared awkward but I thought it was in my mind, or the devil trying to deceive me.  In time I got over those awkward feelings and actively tried to seek out the will of Christ in your “ministry”.  I was excited for a chance to fellowship with believers across racial/national lines. I saw a close knit/family oriented group which I thought was dedicated to family as it was claimed to be dedicated to Jesus Christ.  I believed what you, Noah and matt were preaching was the gospel of Christ.  Simply put I saw a group of people whom despite our differences I cared about and wanted to struggle with at the time.  Even though I’m not the family oriented type I admired UBF for their family type atmosphere because I was shell shocked and excited to see a biblical image of the family, but my hope was shattered when on 03/08/2015 I was moved by what I believed to be the holy spirit (at least I assume) to do some research and see what kind of church I was a part of.  The things I discovered were disturbing to say the least.

I found all sorts of claims by ex-UBF members of people who claim your dear leader Samuel Lee destroyed marriages/families, forced women to have abortions as well as orchestrated many criminal acts that have led to sexual abuse as well as suicides.  Upon doing research people have had a lot to say about UBF unfortunately it has been mostly negative. Although the claims made against UBF including the criminal acts have been undocumented I must say I agree when people claim UBF is in 100% denial whenever these allegations are brought up, due to the response I received from you when inquiring about these issues, I will never understand why the constant denial when numerous people in the Christian and secular world have written about their experiences in UBF all over the world via blogs, social media, books etc.

In contrast what I see in UBF now that I have had some clarity is the same thing Jesus Christ saw with the religious rulers of his day Matthew 23:27 “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness”.  To be honest I don’t see a bible believing church instead I see a bible cult who does not have the truth of Jesus Christ but has a form of godliness and denies its power, how else can you teach works based salvation, when the apostle Paul says by grace are ye saved not works it is the gift of god lest any man should boast and that is all I pretty much have seen in UBF boasting and self-righteousness.  As far as the disturbing things I read about this so called “ministry” the fact that you much less the higher ups in UBF will not give an honest answer about these allegations leads me to believe that you are either assisting in this cover up or somehow involved  yourself but only the almighty knows for sure.  BTW before you go into your UBFism pseudo righteous denunciation ritual remember you asked me what I see and this is my reply until some evidence proves otherwise, which is why I have decided to cut all ties to this ministry due to the lack of adherence to biblical principles.  I wish to have no further contact with any of you, and if it’s the will of the almighty that we have fellowship or unity it will be in his time and his alone. Oh and PS I know the real reason Shepard Matthew and Max left your ministry and to be honest I can’t blame them, there are some excerpts from Matthew attached, if you want more go to or  I know me and matt have had our fair share of tension but I must give him credit for having the testicular fortitude to speak out on issues that I couldn’t see or kept to myself.


Sidenote: The chapter director is Noah Rhee whose wife is Sweety Rhee. This is the very same Sweety who “shepherded” Tom Brown.