Several people off-screen have asked me and wondered why I don’t move on. (Particularly the current members). I will show you why.

Sidenote: Tom was the student of Mary Z. Rothrock is my former bible teacher.

“He walked away once I rejected him and didn’t respond when I said he was in a cult”

Rothrock couldn’t take No for answer and insisted on harassing my friend Tom for nearly 15 minutes even though Rothrock and the rest of the seniors & Baik knew that Tom left and told them that he wanted NOTHING to do with them ANYMORE. Despite all this Rothrock insisted on getting back at me via Baik’s direction indirectly. It was only about he dropped the word “cult’ that Rothrock finally got the message.

Tom told me in person that he felt very angry at what Rothrock. Tom would explain that he was so angry that he almost lost his composure.

So there you have . Why I don’t move on. If it’s not one thing it’s another thing. First my family and now my friends?!

It may have not been Baik’s intention but what Baik and Rothrock did didn’t help things either.

If people still ask or wonder show them this article.

For those who are still skeptical here is Tom’s email.