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Date Posted: 20:04:06 12/06/03 Sat
Author: Bob
Subject: Re: Sexual Abuse in UBF:can anyone name the culprits?
In reply to: Truth seeker ‘s message, Re: Sexual Abuse in UBF:can anyone name the culprits? on 11:01:09 12/06/03 Sat

Hi TS,
I received information earlier in the year from Chicago, that the culprit to this crime was the husband of the then Winnipeg UBF director, Esther [Kim] Jung.
The pieces to the puzzle are coming together. If it is the same story, the victims full name might be Theresa C. of Winnipeg who may have been sexually harrassed on more than one occasion.

As Chris stated however, the real culprits are Sam and Sarah who called Theresa to Chicago and threatened her with legal action if she spoke up. Several years later she did end up going to the papers but with great difficulty. Anyway, UBF did a pretty good job of covering up sexual abuse. I never heard this story while I was in Canada UBF for over 10 years. How many other damaging abuse cases have been covered up in UBF. How many other people live in fear of threats and wake up with nightmares?



Date Posted: 11:01:33 12/07/03 Sun
Author: Nick T.
Subject: some other info on this
In reply to: James ‘s message, Re: Sexual Abuse in UBF:can anyone name the culprits? on 02:14:52 12/07/03 Sun

From what I understand, they quit the Chicago ubf in late 2001. Since that time, they have gone around to various churches in Chicago, both Korean and non-Korean, and present themselves as very spiritual people and try to get into leadership positions in those churches. Presently they are attending a church called Tael Bok (?) in suburban Chicago and masquerading as spiritual giants. From what I have been told, they still use their same ubf thought reform tactics and ubf language such as learning mind, shepherd heart, and human thinking, etc.

To fill in more of the history, they were chased out of ubf totally when Winnipeg was shut down back in the day. Maybe Bob can find out why they really got shut down, it looks now like a police action, not a strategic regrouping.

I was supposed to be an intern shepherd in Chicago at the time all these things were going on, but I never heard even one word of it. At the onset of the turmoil, EE sent a dummy missionary named Daniel Sohn from Chicago to Winnipeg for six months. When ubf had to leave, EE (Chang-Woo “Samuel” Lee) proclaimed that this dummy missionary had somehow messed up the whole Winnipeg operation all by himself! The end result was the dummy missionary had to go around repenting for many years of a crime he did not commit. He did his best to falsely repent. The rest of the Winnipeg Koreans fled town, and EE brought a couple brainwashed Canadians to Chicago, Kevin J (untrustworthy liar trying to make a ubf at Northern Ill U.) and Monique (recently divorced in Chicago). There was no mention of anything ever again except to blame dummy missionary Daniel Sohn.

And here is some info from one of James Kim’s letters posted on The Jungs then went to Vancouver where Esther had a nervous breakdown. Then they were invited to Houston, Texas by James Kim formerly of Toledo UBF. James’ family cared for the Jungs for some time, and spent their own money on this family to help them to get back to normal. Then Mark Yang (another sexual predator who is a ubf director in Korea) contacted Jung and convinced him to take his family back to Chicago ubf. James Kim believes that Yang gave the Jung family alot of money to do this. So the Jungs went back to Chicago and began to pretend that everything is all good, and stayed there for like 8 more years.

When the Jungs got out of Chicago ubf in 2001, the Reform Koreans [CMI] did not want the Jungs around, claiming that they did so many bad things to so many people but never offered any apologies to anyone. What an irony! This story would be so tragic and sorrowful even if it were not true, but the problem is, this story is true. There are so many victims, so much damage caused by this collective group of ubfKoerans, all in the name of ‘the work of God’.

Bob, thanks for locating and posting this article.

Theresa, we are sorry that we did not help you. Pls. forgive us. We will use this sad information to help bring down the ubf everywhere, just like you did in Winnipeg. May we never rest until these evil ubf people are stopped. Amen.



Date Posted: 12:42:45 12/08/03 Mon
Author: Nick T.
Subject: some other info on this
In reply to: ChicagoXile ‘s message, Re: some other info on this on 12:20:42 12/08/03 Mon

Some of the methods that [Esther Jung] used were

1. beating the ubfKorean women with sticks frequently
2. pulling their hair
3. verbally abusing them
4. imposing fines on the women for not performing well in their ubf assigned activities. This included fines for not feeding enough sheep, not having an attendant on Sunday, not getting a good score on the weekly vocabulary test, etc. These fines would frequently total up to the entire weekly paycheck of the ubfKorean woman victims, who were working as nurse aides or chicken pluckers.

(all the above are in addition to the basic isolation, ego destruction, thought reform that they used on the rest of us. Ms. Jung’s dictatorship seemd to have good results, but in the end it proved to be a house of cards that came crashing down when just one brave young woman stood up to them in truth. Shame on Mr. and Mrs. Jung and all the ubfKoreans in Canada. Shame on you.)

All the monies that were collected in Winnipeg were immediately sent to Chicago. There was no accounting for these. When the ubf ran away form Winnipeg, the building was sold and all money was sent to Chicago, again without any accounting.

All the ubfKoreans knew these items at the time. However, they conspired to lie and deceive the Canadians and Americans, not telling any of the truth to us reruits. Our ubfKoreans were not dumb, however they have all proved to be deceptive and cowardly.

Our ubfKoreans were not the soldiers of the cross, they were the masters of the double cross!


Date Posted: 10:59:35 12/09/03 Tue
Author: Desiree S. Ray
Subject: Re: some other info on this
In reply to: Nick T. ‘s message, some other info on this on 12:42:45 12/08/03 Mon

Dear Reader’s;
I am writing this to just verify that everything NickT. listed here is the truth as I have heard it from other Canadian missionaries, during summer UBF conferences back in the 1980’s.

E.K. Jung was known as the “man” leader in Canada, and many a missionary would just shake their head and laugh at her extreme forced “discipline” tactics dished out to the poor unsuspecting young women who ventured to Canada thinking they were going to serve Jesus in UBF. Source: