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"The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect." -- Peter A. Levine

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Based on the survey above, there is a 2/3 majority in favor of a ubfriends round 4. I'm a bit surprised by this. Really? You want to discuss ubfriends stuff yet again? My first reaction is that I feel like P!nk in her awesome song--I'm not here for your entertainment! I see there are still quite a few silent readers. Yes I see that you are reading this :) So here's the deal. [...]
The Bible teachings of UBFism became my primary reason for staying. It was only after untwisting the Scriptures and unbinding my mind from UBF's flawed Bible teachings that I was able to finally leave after 24 years. I begin this blog series by noting that UBFism is a mix of Confucianism and fundamentalist Christianity. To untwist the Bible from UBFism, therefore, requires some understanding of the teachings of Confucius. In the UBF mind, this toxic mix of religions gives them pride to think they are the "best Christians". And it is one of several reasons why outsiders have difficulty pin-pointing the harmful nature of the group. To an outsider, UBF people may look like nothing more than extreme Christians. [...]
Recently a woman emailed me from Greece UBF. She claimed UBF has changed. She wanted to know if I would ever recommend anyone to join UBF. Suffice it to say, my answer was "no"-- UBF has not changed and no I will not recommend anyone to join UBF. My life is a stop sign. To demonstrate change, the UBF organization must stop doing three harmful actions: 1) stop lifelong individual shepherding 2) stop arranging marriages 3) stop covering up many kinds of abuse that have been confirmed to have happened (Several UBF Koreans have met with me and admitted the decades of abuse) [...]

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