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For those affected by undue religious influence

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Harmful Practices of UBF

Underneath all the holy paint and self-aggrandization lies a dark underbelly in UBF. Many recruits may not realize this dark underbelly exists, until the recruit shows signs of dis-loyalty. The UBF organization has earned the cult label for decades primarily because three serious problems have not been addressed openly and publicly. Instead, the UBF leaders have repeatedly chosen to remain silent, while numerous leaders have admitted these problems in private conversations.

These practices are harmful and have negatively impacted the lives of thousands of college students around the world for decades. Because UBF continues to focus exclusively on college students, they continue to damage young people’s lives. It can be said that for every student helped by UBFism, five students are harmed. Is human life worth this cost?

The three most harmful practices still in place on college campuses by the group:

  • Identity loss
  • Arranged marriage
  • Cover up of abuse

The shepherding lifestyle proposed by UBFism permits dangerous levels of control and intrusion into college students’ lives. The arranged marriage process called Marriage by Faith may seem normal to Koreans, but the process is foreign to almost everyone else. A Christian ministry at UBF will not be possible until the leaders themselves repent publicly and the cover up of abuse ends.

If you would like to help put an end to these harmful practices, please sign our open petition against UBF.

Please consider signing our Petition to end UBF Shepherding of college students (approaching 100 signers)