spIf it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.

Before the end of 2015 the film Spotlight was released but seemingly went unnoticed by the popular audience. This film recalls a play-by-play account of the uncovering of the pedophile ring in the Roman Catholic Church, specifically in the Boston area, but outreaching to the entire world. The importance of this film goes without question. I am not interested in providing a summary or review, because there are various media sources for such a purpose. Rather, it is important to raise the crisis of physical (including sexual) and spiritual abuse among religious communities. For the community on ubfriends we are familiar with these issues and we are not afraid to speak up. In fact, anyone who has participated in any New Religious Movement (NRM) is also familiar with the fact that outlets for exposure are limited and once inside even family is distanced or even removed and replaced altogether.

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