• Wherever books are burned, men in the end will also burn.



Lee died in a fire in Chicago on January 8, 2002 in Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge Illinois (USA). According to Lee’s obiturary in the Chicago Tribune, he was 70 years old. Lee’s death is ironic because he repeatedly warned students and members of UBF that they would face tragedy if they ever left the group. Lee spun up numerous horror stories about dying in fire or getting cancer if a member left UBF. His own death in a fire proves the stories have no merit.




More information should be released than he died in a fire.

The minimum standard criteria should have been investigated

1 where did the fire occur

did he die while being treated for health problems caused by a fire at a hospital or did he die of a fire that was inside of a hospital.  Fires inside of hospitals are possible but they just seem unlikely to me, maybe that is my modern thinking about the way modern hospitals I have visited are designed.

2 what was the cause of the fire according to a firefighters investigation

3 Was there an investigation

4 did firefighters think the fire was malicious or accidental

5 Are records kept of any investigations of the fire available today

6 What was being burned?

Normally when a fire occurs there is an investigation to a cause of the fire whether an accident or malicious.  I would like to know the conclusion the fire department came to.

Mr Lee whether he is a bad man justly hated or a good man unjustly persecuted, one thing is clear that both pro Samuel Lee members of UBF and his critics agree on some people did not like Samuel Lee

I am not proposing a wacky conspiracy theory by merely asking if the possibilities of foul play was investigated as that should be standard practice in the case of any fire to see if it was of malicious origin

If no such investigation was performed it is not far fetched to conclude obstruction of justice

Update:  Someone may have answered the question of the location.  But it brings up a new question, if Samuel Lee was in charge of the buildings and they caught fire was, this fire caused by negligent supervision or were all reasonable safety practices followed prior to an accidental fire if it was an accident?

A paradox in obituaries to be reconciled

” Lee died in a fire in a UBF building in Chicago USA. ”


“Lee died in a fire in Chicago on January 8, 2002 in Lutheran General Hospital, ”

Only one of these statements can be true but both can be false.  I suspect a third statement he died of a fire in Chicago ubf after arriving in a hospital

What happened to Chang Woo (Samuel) Lee? In 2002, at age 70, Lee died in a fire in a UBF building in Chicago USA. He reportedly died of smoke inhalation Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2002 in Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, USA. This is ironic because Lee often warned UBF members they would face tragedy if they ever left UBF, and would be blessed abundantly if they remained loyal to UBFism. UBF does not hold funerals. Instead, they have a celebration ceremony called a Homecoming. Many UBF loyalists still gather at the cemetery in Chicago where Lee is buried, and hold worship services on the grave site. UBF loyalists also have build magnificent buildings in Korea, including a museum dedicated to preserving Lee’s legacy.

Statistics about UBF


More information on the location

Date Posted: 12:54:11 01/08/02 Tue
Author: Roving Reporter News Network
Subject: Samuel Lee reported Dead

January 8, 2002
Chicago, IL

Driving by the UBF Chicago Center this morning, one could see a complete lack of activity. It is a beautiful day in Chicago, temperatures in the mid 40’s and 50′ predicted for tomorrow. In the begining of January it looks like spring is in the air. A new beginning is near.

Just around the corner at 6510 N. Campbell, a solitary worker for a board-up company puts the finishing touches on a fire damaged house. The man, a muscular Hispanic man who may have played college football, wore an “FDNY” baseball hat in tribute to the real heroes of September 11th.

The man informed our news service that Samuel Lee passed away this morning. The board-up man made a comment ‘that bad people die in a bad way.’ He then finished his job, put his tools back in the truck and headed for the next fire damaged building.


Date Posted: 17:43:39 01/07/02 Mon
Author: Fat Friend
Subject: Please pray

Today, the 7th, in the morning, there was a fire in Dr. Samuel Lee’s house. Dr. Lee was located by the firemen and was taken by ambulance to St. Francis and later moved to Lutheran General Hospital. At the present time he is in coma. Whatever your beliefs,one must always pray for a person that is sick. The inside of the house was heavily damaged by smoke and water.


Why I believe Samuel Lee died burning information

Although I have not seen the records as to the details, if there was a fire at UBF I would suspect it would be burning anti literature or some sort of evidence he feared because they have an Internet committee, Samuel Lee was just that kind of guy.  I can not prove this but I have good reasons to guess it but if I wrote them down they would be burned so why bother.

Samuel Lee’s horror stories, information phobia may have killed him

If my guess is correct that Samuel Lee died of burning information then Samuel Lee may have destroyed himself through a horror story.  He warned people not to read anti material in his horror stories and out of fear of information he burned evidence and in doing so killed himself through smoke inhalation.