My Confession, Part II

InĀ My Confession, Brian confessed how in 1990 he illegally broke into the home of James and Rebekah Kim, the very fruitful Director of Toledo UBF for over a decade ever since the 1970s, to supposedly help them move to Houston. But this was done without their permission or foreknowledge. This is my post, a sequel to Brian’s confession.
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Psychology Meets Religion, Part 3

Psychologists have often treated mental processes — attention, memory, and decision making — as divorced from the body. As if the mind was processing information in a mental vacuum undisturbed by the other forms of input that are constantly fed to our brain (e.g., heartbeat, fatigue, internal temperature, hunger, thirst).

However, recent theories in embodied cognition are challenging that idea by showing how our body can color our cognitive processing.

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