About This Site

This website – pronounced “you-be-friends-dot-org” – is a virtual meeting place for members of University Bible Fellowship (UBF), their friends and family, all believers in Christ, and anyone else who wants to drop by.

This project was launched by people who happen to be members of UBF. But this is not an official activity of the UBF organization.

Our purpose is to foster open interpersonal communication on spiritual matters that leads to Christian community:

Christ + Communication = Unity

Unity is not the same thing as uniformity. Christians do not all think alike. There are some basic beliefs that we hold in common, but there is a diversity of opinion on many issues within the Body of Christ. As the gospel welcomes people of every tribe and tongue and nation, it also challenges us to stretch ourselves beyond what is comfortable. The degree to which we imitate Christ is not measured by how much we love those who are similar to us, but by how much we embrace those who are different.

This website is not intended to promote or denigrate UBF or any organization. Our purpose is to serve people by giving them an independent forum to learn, to think, and to express themselves in a healthy and friendly manner. We hope that this website will

  • foster multi-way conversations among friends
  • open new channels of communication and friendships among people of different ages and backgrounds, overcoming prejudice and stereotypes
  • help members of UBF develop stronger connections to the broader Christian community
  • help us to see multiple sides of difficult issues and truly learn from one another, even when we do not agree

Whether you are a current member of UBF, a former member or a nonmember, you are welcome to visit this site and join in the discussion. We are all friends here. Any opinions expressed here belong to the individuals who express them. They are not necessarily the views of University Bible Fellowship, the staff of UBFriends.org, or any other organization.

There are no ideological litmus tests for material posted on this website. We regard you, our readers, as grownups who can discuss matters with kindness and civility, weigh different viewpoints and make up your own minds. Because we trust Jesus, we also trust you.

If you would like to comment on anything you see here, please do so. You may say anything that you like, as long as you follow our comment policies.

If you want to post your original work here – an article, a poem, whatever – please email it to us at admin@ubfriends.org, and we will review it and post it as soon as we can. Before you do, please take a look at our submissions page to understand what kind of material is acceptable.


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