ubfriends is changing

bChange is coming!

Meanwhile, enjoy this first comment from Ben (which is the 2nd comment ever on ubfriends!)

Ben Toh (2010-06-25 16:17:39)
“Hi Joe, You Be Friends is cute”

If you have ideas for the what and how and why of ubfriends, please let us know!  Thank you and have a burden-free weekend!

What? You thought this website would stay the same forever? We must protect our heritage!

Ok on a slightly more serious note, we have created a large volume of comments and articles in just over 5 years. I made an ebook of all ubfriends articles and comments–and discovered the book is over 4,700 pages long! If we published the ubfriends ebook, it would be nearly 10,000 printed pages.

How big is that? Well the Encyclopædia Britannica, short edition, is 12 volumes of about a thousand pages each–12,000 pages. That means our little-blog-that-could nearly generated an entire encyclopedia of information.

So here it is, the encyclopedia edition of ubfriends. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!


I found this blogbook format to be useful for reading and very helpful for searching for keywords and phrases.

While we make some technology and content changes here, please share anything you would like us to know in the comments. Have our articles impacted you in a positive or negative way? What topics would you like to discuss? Do we need to continue providing an outlet for people to process the UBF lifestyle?


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  1. “Have our articles impacted you in a positive or negative way?”

    I think the varied answers primarily depend on who you ask.