Competing Glories (in UBF)

7 competing glories. Do we think that we truly and purely live for the glory of God alone (1 Cor 10:31)? Because we are already “mature, seasoned” Christians, perhaps a leader even, do we have competing glories other than for the glory of God? What might some prominent competing glories be?

  1. The glory of human honor.
  2. The glory of being in control.
  3. The glory of human success.
  4. The glory of the size of numbers.
  5. The glory of being right.
  6. The glory of being esteemed.
  7. The glory of our own church, our own turf.

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The Strength of UBF: Doggedness

UBF bashing? Some say that UBFriends promotes UBF bashing. Perhaps, there is a fine line between being transparent with full disclosure, and being discreet and wise with some things undisclosed. There is surely wisdom and prudence on both sides of the line. Nonetheless, if one inclines toward the former (such as myself), I suppose that one could be accused of UBF bashing. But if one inclines toward the latter (some “senior” UBF leaders), one could be accused of being clandestine and dishonest even if the motivation and intention may be good, noble and protective. Nonetheless, despite being dysfunctional (as every church is to a greater or lesser degree), UBF surely has strengths and commendable virtues. What are they?
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Do You Link Your Shepherding With Your Salvation?

What is the real source of your happiness? We Christians are rightfully so happy when someone accepts Christ through our shepherding and Bible teaching. I love going to Manila every year because I am elated beyond words that many young students are openly responding to the gospel I share with them. Jesus’ disciples were too. When Jesus sent out the 72 to proclaim the kingdom of God (Lk 10:9), they were overjoyed at the success of their evangelism. They said excitedly, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name” (Lk 10:16). Jesus was happy about the defeat of Satan (Lk 10:18). Yet he said seriously to his disciples and to us, “Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but that your names are written in heaven” (Lk 10:20). It meant, “Do not link your ministry success with your salvation.”
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Are UBF Shepherds Unobtrusive?

What does “unobtrusive” mean? Last week when I was praying with a friend who is a UBF leader, I prayed for him to be unobtrusive. The word “unobtrusive” just popped into my mind as I was praying for him. It was unplanned. It was as though the Holy Spirit put that word in my mind while I prayed for him. After we prayed, he asked me what “unobtrusive” meant. I said, “To not be in the way of other people.” Then I apologized to him, because he was not really an obtrusive leader. In fact, while apologizing to him for implying that he was obtrusive, I realized that it should be my prayer for myself, because by nature, I am an obtrusive sort of person. My wife lovingly calls me “highly annoying,” which I often regard as a compliment of the highest order. Since then, the word “unobtrusive” has been on my heart and mind. I began asking myself a question, “Should a Christian leader, pastor, Bible teacher, shepherd be obtrusive or unobtrusive?” I thought that the answer is quite obvious. But are those of us who are in positions of Christian influence unobtrusive?
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How do Christians relate to culture?

In Jesus’ final great prayer, he prayed for his followers to not be taken out of the world and at the same time remember that they are not “of the world” (John 17:15-16). Since then, followers of Christ have had to deal with these two realities: citizenship in the kingdom of God and practical life in the world.

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