American Evangelicalism: A Decadent Culture?

decadentWhen you hear the phrase “decadent culture,” what characteristics come to mind? Eroding morals? Licentiousness and fornication? Gluttony and drunkenness? Collapse of family values? All of the above?

The literal meaning of decadent is “a state of decline or decay.” It seems to me that, if we strip away all the mental baggage of hedonism and go back to that simple definition, then it’s accurate to say that American evangelicalism is a decadent culture.

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My Dilemma Between the Dichotomies

dilemmaThe saddest dichotomy that I have experienced in my 34 years of being a Christian (all in UBF) is between those who are strongly loyal UBF defenders and ex-UBFers who are vocally critical of their experience in UBF and after they left UBF. When I hear both sides as best I can, my glass-half-empty sentiment is “never the twain shall meet.” Of course, I am not denying that God can–and often does–do the impossible.

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Critique My Fourth Deuteronomy Sermon on…

obedience1OBEDIENCE, a dreaded cringe-worthy word! In the 2011 NIV, the word “obey” occurs 206 times, and “obedience” 38 times. Daniel Block (OT scholar who spent 12 years studying Deuteronomy) explains the place and importance of the Law (Torah):

The ancients never had the Law. Without the Law they felt the following:

  1. The gods are angry with me.
  2. My sin has caused the anger of the gods.
  3. I must do something to placate the gods’ wrath.

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