Submit an Article publishes material from Christian perspectives to edify believers and strengthen the Body of Christ. Because this website was launched by members and friends of University Bible Fellowship, we give high priority to essays and opinion articles that address the unique challenges faced by members of UBF as we seek to improve ourselves and serve God better. But our first loyalty is to Christ and his kingdom, and we are willing to publish any kind of creative writing and artistic work that honors God.

Submissions may be thoughtful, scholarly, provocative, passionate, cheerful, serious, humorous or even satirical. We strive to be helpful, open-minded and fair. We recognize that sincere believers maintain a variety of opinions on many issues, and as we learn to express ourselves and listen to others with love and respect, we may all grow and mature.

Ideas for contributions

  • Essays about theology, especially if presented in concrete, non-technical terms and applied to life in the 21st century.
  • Writings about science, history, politics, current events and culture, especially if they help us to see the sovereign hand of God at work in the world.
  • Innovative ideas for campus evangelism and discipleship.
  • Personal observations of how God is working in UBF and through other Christian groups and individuals.
  • Opinion pieces about problematic aspects of our lives and ministries and how we can improve ourselves and serve God better.
  • Personal experiences and reflections on coping with human frailty, suffering and common or unique struggles (physical or mental illness, parenting, death of a loved one, etc.)
  • Humorous writings about life and ministry that can help us to laugh about ourselves.
  • Trip journals or writings on travel to interesting places.
  • Biographical sketches of famous Christians and other noteworthy persons.
  • Reviews of books, films and musical recordings.
  • Fictional writings, short stories, poems and creative prayers.
  • Original artwork with spiritual themes.
  • Cartoons that convey spiritual truth or present humorous depictions of faith, modern culture or life in UBF.


  • Articles should be about a single, well defined topic. The writing should be concise.
  • Writing should be in plain, standard English and accessible to a broad audience. Avoid technical language, jargon and cliché. We do not offer translation services.
  • Submissions from young people are especially welcome and will be evaluated with due consideration given to the author’s background and age.
  • If you have an idea for an article but are unsure of your ability to express yourself, consider asking a friend to help. Pieces written by more than one person are welcome.
  • Although there is no minimum or maximum length, articles should generally be 1,000 words or less. Longer pieces may be broken into smaller parts and published as a series.
  • All writing should be good natured. Criticism, if warranted, should be offered in a spirit of kindness and love. Condescending, demeaning, mocking or offensive statements are unacceptable.
  • Opinion pieces should be thoughtful and well reasoned, demonstrating an ability to see multiple sides to an issue. If the issue truly has only one side, then it is self-evident and not worth writing about.
  • Except in usual circumstances, we do not publish sermons, expositional messages or commentaries on passages from the Bible. References to the Bible are always encouraged, however, especially within the context of thematic essays.
  • Statements appearing on this website are those of the individuals who make them. Publication here not indicate that we support your opinions or believe your claims are factually accurate.
  • Personal attacks or revealing sensitive information about individuals is not acceptable.
  • Quotations, if present, must appear with proper credit.
  • Writings should not be anonymous. Contributors should be willing to own up to what they write.
  • Material appearing in may remain in our archives indefinitely. Local ministries and student groups affiliated with University Bible Fellowship may reprint and use material from for ministerial purposes. By publishing on this website, you agree that your work may be used in this manner.

How to Submit

To submit your original work for publication, please email it to us at

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