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Hello Everyone. You may have heard about the mass deportations and abuses by ICE. So here is a way to defend yourself or anyone whom you know that is AB540/Undocumented.

If ICE shows up at your door:

IF ICE confronts you on the streets, workplace, or anywhere else outside your home:

Regarding since I am finished with the semester there will be more article uploads (at least every other day). For those who have also completed Finals congrats and those whom graduated congrats to you too

Samuel Lee’s strike against disciple making relies on the labor theory of value

Historically factory owners had a unjust control over factory workers through confiscation of land by the state preventing workers from owning their own means of production.  Workers would justly strike out against owners with unjust gain through slowing down work.

Samuel Lee went on strike against God who was not a unjust factory owner but a benevolent individual who helped people gain resources to aid in their own personal growth.  Samuel Lee despised discipleship and sabotaged it with the labor theory of value.

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We are Prisoners of Hope

“The former South African archbishop Desmond Tutu used to famously say, “We are prisoners of hope.” Such a statement might be taken as merely rhetorical or even eccentric if you hadn’t seen Bishop Tutu stare down the notorious South African Security Police when they broke into the Cathedral of St. George’s during his sermon at an ecumenical service. “- Jim Wallis, God’s Politics


I’ve just finished reading Jim Wallis’ book God’s Politics: Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn’t get it. I’m not going to pretend like I understand politics, but I do want to mention some noteworthy insights I’ve received.

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Four Themes in Mein Kampf

innerhitlerWhen I say I am an author who writes about taboo topics, I mean it. My newest book is about one of the most taboo topics–Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The reading and research I did to prepare for this was enlightening and well worth setting aside the taboo and going beyond Godwin’s law. In fact I sent a copy of my book to Mike Godwin and quote him in the book. Godwin did not write his law to stop all conversation about Hitler but to move us toward more thoughtful discussion, with the hope to prevent another holocaust.

in 2016, the 70 year German copyright expired, and so Hitler’s book is now available. When one of my Facebook theology/pastor friends, Tim Gilman, shared the article about the release of Mein Kampf, I joined the heated social media discussion. At one point I remarked, “I could right a book about this topic!” Tim replied, “You should!”. And since Tim is a designer and connected to the publishing world, his company published the book. Here are some thoughts from my new book, “Evil: Confronting Our Inner Hitler“, that I would like to share with you. I find them highly relevant to America 2016.

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Defending Donald Drumpf

Recently, I read an article about JK Rowling defending Donald Drumpf’s freedom of speech. She was speaking at Pen America’s annual literary Gala in New York this past May.

She stated, “If you seek the removal of freedoms from an opponent simply on the grounds that they have offended you, you have crossed a line to stand alongside tyrants who imprison, torture and kill on exactly the same justifications.”

Rowling is a “fierce opponent of censorship.” She claims that curtailing Drumpf’s right to speak diminishes her own “freedom to call him a bigot.”

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