Here is undeniably proof that the seniors are betraying the church”

The Evidence

This also goes to prove that the seniors still conduct hypocrisy. They would always emphasize about not compromising in reference to the UBF bible study on Genesis chapter 21. In fact the seniors would rebuke and even humiliate those (who are lower in rank) in the church who are deemed to have committed the sin of compromise.

But as you can see in the link above the seniors themselves can’t hold on to their own teachings. Therefore it makes no sense for them to reprimand “sheep” for the sin of compromising when the seniors are guilty of committing that very sin. When the seniors do such atrocious acts it is fundamentally spiritual abuse.

Hence why you should take everything John Baik and the Seniors say with a grain of salt.

Additional note: April Boos is the wife of John Boos, the very same John Boos who “expelled” all the ex-members including Ashley. Yes, the very same Ashley whom April is secretly contacting. The very same Ashley who shared an excerpt of her story.