One of John Baik’s student and even his own daughter have and/or associate with a financial business you didn’t know about.

Mr. Hernandez the same guy who confirmed my narrative, has an illegal shirt business with John Baik.


Hernandez and Baik don’t have a license for this business.¬† The instagram on the shirts is Hernandez’s instagram. This is their illegal business that has been in operation since the early 2010s. As for obtaining a shirt it is only available for current members. This is to avoid suspicion and investigation.

Here’s the different shirt designs and proof only the church wears them:

(Sidenote: In the church photos there is a mixture of current members and ex-members. In fact I’m in both of the church photos.)

Baik’s family also has a secret shirt business association that conducts philanthropy work in which they sold the following shirt to send his youngest daughter Cornelia “Cori” Baik¬† go to a trip to Japan back in 2015. (This is hypocrisy for Baik would criticize those who do such practices yet he himself does it behind the backs of current members even the seniors.)

As you will see in the next photo (Apologies for the bad quality) Baik’s family knew about it and even participated in this scheme.

Cornelia “Cori” Baik is also affiliated with a hidden in plain sight photography business called Light a Message.

Here is a video featuring her and one of her associates on Light a Message’s Youtube Channel:

Sidenote: Current members are never allowed to do such things. In fact Baik and the seniors would interpret such actions as a “lust problem” or “career problem’ despite the evidence that relationships can be purely platonic and that such things weren’t driven by money.

This once again shows how double standards are still being conduct at El Camino UBF.