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2018 Petition to UBF

FEB 28, 2019 — My goal for this petition, started 9/2016, is to prove that it's not just me who sees the harmful practices of University Bible Fellowship (UBF). Because 102 people signed this petition, I am declaring victory. I have proved my point.

102 people agree that the UBF organization must stop doing three harmful actions: stop lifelong individual shepherding, stop arranging marriages, and stop covering up many kinds of abuse that has been confirmed to have happened.

Thank you for joining me in this effort.

Here is the Link on change.org: Petition to end UBF shepherding and abuse


There are "campus shepherds" on over 300 colleges and universities from a new religious group called University Bible Fellowship.

We, the undersigned, call on the leaders of the UBF shepherding system to stop the following:

1. Stop appointing personal, lifelong moral supervisors (aka "shepherds") over students' young adult lives.

2. Stop arranging marriages between UBF members, a practice called "marriage by faith".

3. Admit and acknowledge (and put and end to) the mountain of eye-witness testimony regarding many kinds of abuse the UBF shepherding system has allowed, including, but not limited to:

  • Demanding unnecessary sacrifice of students, including ordering abortions as a requirement to become a missionary, cutting off ties with family and friends, and pressuring students to offer money.
  • Training students to obey through "dead dog training", such as by having them walk barefoot 5 miles, to drive 3 hours every week to attend meetings, and to stand in ice water.
  • Intruding into students' lives through undue religious influence, excessive daily, weekly and monthly meetings, and unhealthy indoctrination.

More information about University Bible Fellowship, a Korean campus ministry, can be found here: http://wiki.ubfriends.net/